Best Chapter in OTG

This is a bit of a troll, but not really. To all those who don’t belong with us already. You don’t know what your missing out on. Should you need an invite to our chapter we have several wonderful officers who will gladly make it happen.

I would like to inform everyone how excited I am for the next xpac. I thought we were going to experience it today, but it’s off a week or two. But WarMode!!! It’s gonna be fun!!!

What server do you all play on for the Horde?

Kul Tiras, and Bladefist

Hi I have a question for you. I want to move 2 of characters from other services so I can join the horde side of OTG. Is there a process I need to follow or just move them and then contact one of our officers for an invite to the guild? thanks in advance

Essentially as easy as moving them over. And getting with an officer. You will have to look for the guild recruitment post. An officer will review pretty quickly, then you will receive a PM from one of the officers. We will give you information on what’s next

How active is the Bladefist charter? I would love to run dungeons and raids with a bunch of people but the LFG function is garbage at queue times.

KulTiras/Bladefist has lots of activity these days. Regularly more than 20 folks online (sometimes many more)

Who do I message on KulTiras?

Before you can join the WOW guild in game you need to become a ‘blue’ member on these forums.

It looks like you have not yet applied for membership.

Start with the “Join OTG” forum and follow the directions there.

Once membership processes you, you can then apply to join the chapter in the "Post here for Invites’ thread.