Beta 1 delayed

Confirmed on Twitch live stream today, Mark Jacobs stated that Beta 1 will be delayed. On a positive note, he also stated that Beta 1, Alpha, and IT testers will continue to be able to access and play the game as they have been during the last few days of intense testing. It just won’t officially be Beta 1.

Mark further stated this will be a short delay of days to weeks, not months. The reason given for the delay is the client crash rate is too high. Mark intends to update everyone on Thursday regarding the length of the delay.

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More info here

Beta 1 folks are involved in testing from here on out though. Only thing not in beta is the title. There is constant testing during the day now so if you have beta 1 and up you will be able to jump in. Basically beta 1 has already begun they just arent calling it that.

I downloaded this game and got in but haven’t played at all yet. I got pulled away from the computer and when I got back the play period had ended for the day.

In any case I’m looking forward to seeing what this game has to offer.