Beta schedule


I deleted the edited schedule pic since it was no longer accurate.

Do to the technical issues they had tonight


We know some users have been forced to redownload the # Fallout76 B.E.T.A. and not everyone will be able to enjoy the game tonight. To make good, we’ll be extending the B.E.T.A. for everyone on Thursday, November 1, 2pm to 11pm ET. Thanks for your patience. # ExtendtheBeta


Looks like the next test round might start on the 8th.

Saw on Bethesdas twitter that the next two beta dates are Nov 6 1-3 PM EST and Nov 8 2-8PM EST. Looks like the 8th for me

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I can only play for about a hour on the 8th. I might just log on long enough to make some healing salve. I am getting low.

Well no Tuesday beta for me, I’ll b working. Will be hitting up the beta on the 8th. Gots to work on my shack now that I got it set up ion a nice spot underneath theNew River Gorge Bridge West. I’m enjoying the game more than I thought I would even with the questionable PvP mechanics. Last night of beta Sunday the 4th I was making my way through Flatwoods encumbered as usual looking for the nearest crafting station to break junk down and I was being chased by some troll duo of a lvl 16 guy in power armor trailing a lvl 5 guy in vault suit and a party hat shot at me repeatedly as I hoofed it through town. They must not have realized I was encumbered, they gave up before my AP dropped and I crawled along.

Looking forward to more and the final release, I hope they make some design decisions before the 14th such as adding a FOV slider and more control customization because like all the previous games these things are not included when they should be by default. Hoping they change up PvP a bit because Pacifist mode should mean that PvP is toally turned off, not let people take pot shots at you as they chase you around, stupid decision on Bethesda’s part. The more people grief even those who are Pacifists the more customers they are going to lose,

we just need to start searching out OTG’ers to play with, if we get 4 or more, no one will mess with us. I prefer solo play but will come running if needed.

There are usually folks hanging out in Discord voice & text.

FOV slider +1 :slight_smile:

Do we have a beta schedule for the week beginning Monday, Nov 5 - 10 and Sunday Nov 11? I have enjoyed the game thus far. Hope others in shadow group go on in the game with me for grouping.

the 6 for 2 hours … 1 to 3 eastern on the 8th 6 hours 2 to 8 eastern.
looks like the 8th is the final beta test

Heads up you can patch your beta build today. it’s a smidge over 37.5 GB on the PS4.
Do it today so you can play tomorrow.

I think the 8th is the last one they have scheduled at this time. I do not think it is the final one.

FOV slider + :infinity:

Does that mean we are getting one or is that wishful thinking?

Wishful thinking. :grin: I can’t imagine they’d not implement it though.

I think only 4 players can be on a team, but I’m game for grouping. I tend to be a loner because I like to read all the notes, listen to holos and I’m a sneaky sniper, but I’m always available to assist if needed.

I’d like to start an OTG settlement if anyone is interested. I haven’t built anything yet, but I believe we can link our camps together.

Well, I have to correct this. The Fallout Twitter feed has said that the 8th is the last beta time until the 14th.