Bethesda - Discord - Forum Name - Consolidation Document

I have created a Google Doc that we can all use to keep a consolidated list of Bethesda User Names - OTG Forum Names and Discord Names. Anyone on this forum is welcome to add their own names.


Best Practices Notes:

  • I have appended my Bethesda name with “-OTG” (no quotations). This allows the naming convention to act as a sort of informal guild flag. For example, I am Finbar-OTG (totally optional)

  • As a matter of courtesy, do not add other people to this list

  • Do not share the document or link externally to OTG

  • Adding your name is not required, and doing so is at your own discretion

  • There is a tab for each platform


Oh that’s awesome! Might be a good idea to make separate sheets for the different platforms (Xbox, PS4, etc)

See if you like what I did, I made separate sheets (Feel free to undo my changes if you’d rather do it another way) :slight_smile:

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Perfect thanks.

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Excellent idea, added my info.

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Thanks for adding this. I haven’t played since B.E.T.A., but I noticed that the names of people in my Friends list were a darker shade of yellow than other players when encountered and on the map.

Can you add kasen23 to the list on PC :smiley:

You can add it yourself mate. :slight_smile: I ain’t yo mamma!


Haha you got that right :grin:. I didn’t even think I could lol. I’ll update it thanks :rofl:

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Forum name: Riffraff.
Beth name: Nitesky (I guess you display your account name, and not char name in-game)
Char name: Cluster Funk (not that it matters)

Hahah, Cluster Funk…love it!

Neat, added.

Info added.

OTG Forum: JGP Beth Acct: JGamePlayer FO76 Character: Tekcor

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Added my info, AlexanderGames :smiley:

added my info

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I have added the following tab:

“Extra Plans and Recipes You Have”

Added the following tab, and made the following changes:

  1. Xaqshnr made us a nice spread sheet of what is best to bulk for weight reduction.

  2. Moved the plans and recipes to its own tab for ease of reading.

  3. Made an OTG Revenge list. :wink: This is where we can record the name of those who grief us, so that someday we can bring about our revenge. This is about fun, not grief. It is totally optional, no participation is expected or demanded.

Added my info today as well (pc).

Added my name on the PC tab. Currently is not allowing username changes. See ya’ll in game.