BFA Flying - Pathfinder - SPOILERS!

Part ONE of the BFA Pathfinder achievement:

Look at da places!!
Quest in da places!!
Help da battle peoples!!
Make friends that REALLY Like you in da places!!

This looks a lot like Pathfinder Part One for Legion so be ready to explore and follow story lines in the various zones to finish the required chapters. As we learned with Legion, getting through the chapters in Legion pretty much got you to the required rep for the achievement (except Suramar the bastards).

Flying via Pathfinder achievements and unlocking it for your ACCOUNT rather than just paying per character to get flying is the new format. Complaining about it anywhere outside of the official WOW Dev forums does nothing to change that. Kick back and try to appreciate and enjoy the content, landscapes, and stories we are all traveling through together. The Devs are not out to get you. They go to work every day, just like you, and try to create something fun, interesting, and challenging for us to do. Let’s appreciate and enjoy that in a positive way.


I always hate working towards flying … but it does make it feel more like an accomplishment when I’ve finally achieved it…

This will be the first one I get to start at the beginning…… Woooo Hooo

Prove it. Bet you can’t. Thus goeth the tongue spittle trail ;p~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I rather enjoy not flying around in new xpac zones, so by the time I’m ready to work on them for flying, most of it’s done.

Thanks for the head’s up! :slight_smile:

I wish they would just remove flying from the game. I rather liked it when they brought us back to being stock on the ground.

Too many flying mounts that look absolutely stupid waddling around on the ground! :rofl:

I agree Mid. I also like to see the fun little details of the game as we explore the new areas. I know it sounds kinda silly, but I like to stop and smell the pixel roses, so to speak, in game because IRL is too busy for me to do that most of the time.

I like that you have to walk a new zone for a while before getting to fly … but I wouldn’t want to see flying disappear …