BFA Leveling Not Much Fun

I must say, the world looks fantastic. I love the landscapes and settlements of Kul Tiras. Still, the gameplay is definitely a bit lacking. My Ret Paladin is 114 right now and its just a slow, boring slog to kill enemies. I have no issue (yet) with almost dying, but the gear has almost no haste and it takes forever to do a rotation. Plus the changes to global cool downs. Its like Blizzard wants to make combat as tedious as possible and that should not be the goal of any game. Its really disappointing given the great looking world and interesting quests. I’m trying to stay interested but with every armor reward my already 9% Haste drops even further. I skipped Legion, but to me WoD was a lot more fun during the leveling process.

I kill much faster on my hunter than I did on my pally. I tried ret and it wasn’t any faster than holy so I switched back.

Well, I do have a BM Hunter, but he’s only 101 and not in the guild. I wonder if Prot would be any better than Ret?

yeah, unfortunately haste will be low (I think my pally was at 7% by 120). It gets back up to 9-12% by ilvl 300 ish on pally and it feels much better. Hunter (and Demon Hunter) were that way as well the haste gets low and you feel like your rotations are not complete.

For my hunter at ilvl 352, I sit around 15% haste without any procs and i am not going all out for haste either. So, it does get better. For pally, you will still have some ‘free’ time in your rotation as ret. Seems like they want you to use your utility, I could be wrong and the holes close up at a higher ilvl than I am on my pally.

So, if you enjoy the class i would suggest sticking with it. ALL of the classes seem to have the haste issue unfortunately but the game play gets way better around 300 ilvl and the rest of the game opens ilvl 325+

I am told Ret was purposefully slowed down. Hits like a truck, but slower. Low haste get used to it. I think they (the dev’s) are deliberately keeping it low.

Hmmm, well, if they slowed ret down I’ll probably level in prot. I like the captain america shield toss anyways, but I don’t do dungeons as a tank.

I think I’m going to try out Prot tonight. I love this Ret guy - have messed around with it off and on since 2009 or so. Always enjoyed it until now. It could just be the nature of the beast (WoW) has changed so much since I last played that nothing is going to do it for me anymore.

I’ve pretty much given up on WoW. I leveled something like 4 levels on my DK, and the quests really aren’t bad, but there are so many things that annoy me with WoW now, that I tried to login again the other day to realize my sub had expired.

And I’ve decided not to renew it, because I really wasn’t doing anything interesting.

lol - I have a lifetime sub to LotRO. Haven’t touched it since 2011 or so. I have like 30K in Turbine points piled up (they accrue to lifetimers even if you aren’t playing) so I took 6K of them and boosted a High Elf Champion to 105. Was toying around with it last night in Mordor. :smile: