I would like to see an optional birthday field in our profiles. It adds warmth to our interactions with each other should we choose to use it.

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Yes where else can I be 21 again every year :smiley:

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Does my Steam birthday of 1/1/1901 count?

We are compliant with the EU GDPR law so we don’t capture any more personal data than absolutely necessary to do business. I will miss sending out birthday greetings.

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Ok, that is understandable. We are a large enough group of people that perhaps some knowledge should not be open to all.

I was really hoping for a simple date (no year), so some people can remain forever 21 :cough: @Alphea :cough: or 117 and counting (@malk0lm) lol.

It would be too much work, but I’d love something meaningless.

Magistos - born in the 3 year of the reign of Morpork, in the city of Sha-a-lem, when the second moon was ascending in the eastern sky.

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You can use the About Me field in your user profile to reveal (or make up) whatever you want about yourselves.


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Is having a ‘location’ field in the profile also in compliance with EU GDPR?

Just curious :sweat_smile:

Since we don’t require it and you freely provide it and can remove it easily then yes, but I see your point.


We also have the option to completely anonymize anyone who requests it.

I think it would be fine to share such info .

The site does not currently have a field for capturing birthday. You can include that in your bio if you so choose.