Bonus / no down state WvW week

Get ready for high stakes—and increased rewards—in World vs. World! Starting on Friday, June 8, take advantage of bonuses to reward-track progress, world experience, and magic find for a full week.

There’s just one little catch: it seems that a freak fluctuation in the fabric of the Mists will completely disable the downed state for the duration of the event. We’re sure you’ll be fine! Weeklong Bonus: World vs. World

Date and Time: From 11:00 AM Pacific Time on June 8 to 11:00 AM Pacific Time on June 15 (UTC-7).

Gameplay Variant: No downed state! Players in World vs. World will be defeated when their health reaches zero.

Bonuses While Playing in WvW:
Receive a 25% bonus to reward-track progress
Gain double WXP
Receive a 50% bonus to magic find
Let’s Play WvW with the Devs

Join Ben Phongluangtham and Ray Patrick as they dive into World vs. World during the weeklong bonus event.

Play along with the devs on Friday, June 8 at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7).

Huh. Get back into the fray more quickly, eh?

I’ll be on a mesmer all week. :wink:

More like “Run back from a waypoint and spend time trying to figure out which of your characters can survive longer” week. No rally for you, so never mind your AOE’s.