Camelot Unchained NDA

Please note that Camelot Unchained is still under NDA. This is expected to loosen during Beta 1 (which begins 7/4) and be lifted at some point during beta. In the meantime, here is what the developers have to say about the NDA, and a link to OTG’s NDA policy.

An NDA is an agreement between you and CSE that says you will not share information that is in the forums publically outside of the forums themselves, take screen captures, pictures of the game or talk about the game’s development (subject to the specific limitations of the NDA itself) or livestream the game to share publicly without our permission (C.U.B.E. is an exception to this). You can read more about our existing privacy agreement and backer agreement here ( or read about it when you log into the game and agree to the EUALA.

Right now Camelot Unchained IS under NDA, read below:

Thus, NDA means

  • No re-streaming (or streaming) content without express, written permission by CSE
  • No posting information about what you are seeing except in the appropriate CSE forum. Some information shared and discussed in certain forums, such as IT and Alpha, need to stay in the forums for those tiers.
  • No screen-caps of the gameplay anywhere except in the permissible CSE forum. (Some sections are restricted to Alpha, and IT)