Can I get a Re-Invite?

I had to leave guild last week so that I could create a baseline organization for my account. I’ve been a member of the SC for over a year now - here is my original thread from the old forums:

Just a note to add: I changed my handle from MinuetAlpha to AngelsOmega and my SC community moniker to Angels Omega.

If you need any additional information or need me to complete any additional steps, please feel free to respond accordingly. Once again, I look forward to seeing you all out in the verse.

Angels Omega (zeven2014)

Sure thing.
I manage the OTG org from one of my secondary accounts, so I will log in sometime this weekend and get it squared away.

Thanks Simdor. I just submitted an application via Spectrum so should be easy to find.

Ok we’re good. Thanks again.