Can I get an invite to the guild please

Can I get an invite to the guild please

Hi Kelad!

Welcome to OTG! We’re happy you’re here!

You can become a member of our family by submitting an application - start here:

Thank you and happy gaming!


I believe @Skelad is Skelad on the old forums.

We’ll have to do some work to fix that then with him…

I sent him a PM to complete his registration here, which needs to match exactly his OTG member name.

Sorry @Skelad… we’ll get you squared away as quickly as possible.


Kelad is just Dalek backwards I haven’t got a weird name or anything =)

@Skelad What is your user name on the Old Forums? :grinning:


Skelad my mistake

There ya go… all set now!

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Can I get an invite in game please ?

Start here:

Ive been doing all this stuff for 3 days now

You’ve caught us in the middle of a forum migration. That’s put a bit of an extra hassle in to get you guilded here on the new site. Soon we’ll be moving membership over here and that step will be taken out of the equation.

Old Timers Guild is a huge “meta’guild” and each game has a separate chapter. Each chapter has it’s own procedures for in-game invites. When you join OTG, you have a guild available for almost any MMO you wish to play!

Do I need to fill in more forms to do this