Can the top bar be fixed?

Sorry for the generic title. The top bar with Latest/Top/Bookmarks/etc. doesn’t have the Categories selection when you click on one of the categories. You have to click on “Old Timers Guild” to get back to the categories. Funny enough, the category list has the Categories selection on the top bar even though it is not needed if you are already at the categories. Little nit, I know, I just thought it would make it a little more clear on how to get back to the categories.

Yeah, I find that a little annoying as well but AFAIK the top menu can’t be fixed in place.

If you clcik on the Hamburger menu on the top right, you can click on categories there… I know… 2 clicks, but it gets you there!

You can also click on the category name (left top) of the category you are in to bring up a list of all the categories and the top selection of All Categories… again two clicks!

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Thanks, that will do barring the top menu.