Cannot Access Intra Guild Link In FAQ

Hi - I just reactivated my OTG account and I am in the WoW Horde guild - I would like to also join the Alliance guild (and then transfer a couple of toons to the appropriate server) - I tried following the links for Intra Guild Access but I get the message I cannot see that topic… not sure what I need to do now?

Hi, I just double checked the link and it’s fine. Care to try again? Here it is for your convenience:

Please post again if you are still having issues.

I also just reactivated on the new site and want to have some alliance toons. The link says I dont have permission to post to intra guild. Please help! Thanks!

Reactivation is not quite enough, you needed to be guilded here. That is now complete and you are good to go!

Welcome to the New Forums!

thank you!

Randcome, glad to see you!

There is some confusion as you are not quite ready for an in-game invite. To join the Alliance, please post in this thread: That is the only thread that will get you an invite.