Certain things to shop for in Fleet

Since our FED SB is done with only the colony to finish I wanted to have a template for myself, anyone who is new, anyone coming back after a long time or recently returned but don’t remember where certain items are.

you can get fleet versions of certain chips if you have modules for it. Basically it brings the free T4 ships you get at the end of your career to T5. They have boosted armor and shields along with an added console slot. A solid alternative to someone unwilling to open boxes for ships.

If you have excess fleet cred you can buy boosters here. It would be a waste to use them in normal stfs but in advanced and elite they are what saves you from being insta killed within moments.

With the ever expanding list of weapon types (talking about space) it is always a solid choice to opt to buy fleet versions of them. EX Coalition disruptors which meta says is the best disruptor out atm is not that much different or super powerful compared to fleet disruptors.

Here is where it gets good. There are 2 imo must have tac consoles here: Vulnerability and locator.
Vulnerability increases the weapon type damage of your choice from as low as 30% along with a small % chance increase in crit chance (chance to crit).
Locators increase your critical severity (increases power of the crit once it goes off) by at least 30% with a small crit chance %. It’s still being debated on which number of vulnerability vs locator you should have but from experience if you have 4 tac consoles a 3 (3 being vulnerability due to diminishing returns) v 1 or 2 v 2 is good.

Research Lab
This should be the last stop in your shopping list as it has the most expensive items. It can allow you to open the 6 slot in crafting as well as open the 5th slot in ground space and space traits. The lowest is 50000 fleet cred along with 10000 dilithium to 250000 fleet cred and 150000 dil. Total cost for opening everything is around 600000 fleet cred and 400000 dil.

Has some good modules like the Methuselah Drone which can be spammed endlessly. Also for those who can’t or won’t buy the elite traits the secondary choices are here Ex. Superior beam training boosts your beam training from 5% beam damage increase to 7.5% imo the costs are bearable.

So far the best boffs in both ground and space trait wise is the jemhadr in the jemhadr pack. For those who dont have them a good alternative is the blue romulan tac officer found in the embassy. They are good because of one trait: Superior Romulan Officer (5% increase in crit severity and 2% increase in crit chance in space and they stack with another romulan boff with a similar trait). For romulan players these boffs are useless as you can get one that’s purple for free just by doing doffing, these boffs are good for FED and KDF aligned players.
Before they were nerfed the sci consoles in the embassy where more op than the vulnerability and locator consoles. Since their nerf they have become obsolete. If you are looking at a build which has them its outdated, dont buy them they are no longer worth the cred nor the dil.

Dilithium Mine
Whatever your power settings is at the dil mine has the best warp core and/or singularity cores around. The best meta builds atm include the deflectors from the colony, dil core, nukara shield and engine (nukara 2 piece set boosts beam damage by 9%) for non disruptor, phaser, plasma. Bajoran shield and engine (2 piece boosts disruptor, phaer and plasma by 20%) for disruptor, phaser and plasma for maximum dps, for max survivability its maco shield and engine.

Colony World
Not too familiar with this one as I have only tested and certified that the deflectors sold here are top notch. Some universal ground modules look good but I haven’t tested them yet.

Hope this helps.

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