Channels in Discord?

Since we are now switching officially from Mumble to Discord as our voice program of choice, how many channels do we need for Virtual Table Top games?

In Mumble we could just make them on the fly so we had exactly however many we needed at any given time.

I know that many nights of the week we have at least one game running. Are there nights where we see more than one game active? Would two be enough? VTT1 and VTT2 as names?

Since this falls under General Games I think I can do the magic @Benbrada to summon the proper attention to this topic. (I’m still getting used to Discourse)

Does anyone think we need more than two generically named rooms?

All opinions are welcome… welcome to be ignored if they are stupid :slight_smile:

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In Discord, if you have the correct permissions, you can also add and delete channels on the fly.

So it would mainly be adding a specific role, and have all the GM’s assign to that role.

I don’t think that those are permissions that they are going to be handing out anytime soon. I admit my Google Fu is weak but I can’t find anything except requests for the ability to make Temporary channels. The closest thing is that I saw some groups using bots to clean up and delete unused channels somehow.

Which brings us back to needing admins to make a few permanent channels.

I was thinking about the names of the channels and maybe “RPG Virtual Table Top 1” “…2” “…3” would be a way to not only distinguish the different rooms but putting that RPG out front and spelling out Virtual Table Top might draw more attention. People could be looking for this type of gaming but don’t know it exists. (I didn’t for a long time). If we just name them VTT1, VTT2, VTT3 etc that isn’t very descriptive for people who don’t already know what it is.

I wouldn’t mind seeing this section of our guild grow a bit :slight_smile:

2 Channels might be enough honestly. I just don’t know if we ever have more than two games going at once.

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Keep in mind that there isn’t really a preset limit to the amount of channels you can have on a Discord server (well, there is, but it’s stupidly high), so having 3 channels ‘just in case’ isn’t really that problematic to begin with.

But from what I’ve seen you guys do, this stuff is fairly organize, so it really shouldn’t be too hard to have one or more admins create a channel, say an hour before, and delete it when you’re done. It’s not like “HEY! We need a channel NOW! Hut hut!” :smiley:

I think the permanent channels would be better received. Like you said there isn’t a tangible limit. Since there are VTT games most nights of the week I think it would be troublesome to find an admin to have them create a channel that would be deleted after 4 hours or so every night. It might not take long but it’s a lot to ask from a repetitiveness standpoint.

I don’t think even I can create voice channels on the fly. @Daemoro submit a request for what you think the group needs without going ape $hit :slight_smile:

If it needs some type of approval reach out to me or @Viking or both.

Thanks. I think it just has to be approved at your level. I will make the non-ape-shit request in the proper forum and throw in a link to this thread for good measure.


Ah yes, I meant to ask you about this.
I was going to suggest a Virtual Table Top channel and also perhaps 3 General Games Group channels. That way a big group like this can overflow into those as needed but also they could be used by folks who are in any games that doesn’t yet have a channel. What do you think?

I just went ahead and made the request. Let me know how this work out for now. Adding another channel later is no problem.

Doh went to get food and sat down to put it the request. Right after I see the followup here :slight_smile:

I think the most I ever saw in VTT (on Mumble) was 3 rooms. So I think 5 should be way more than enough.

Just a heads up for those that haven’t noticed: We have a VTT channel at the bottom of General Games and 3 generic groups at the top of General Games that can be overflow for anything.

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Unless the DMs here have the power to open and close channels ourselves, I’d say just make 3 or 4 channels for the days we run games the most: Wednesday, Thursday ,Friday, Sunday.

Alternatively, we could just have good communication to open and close campaign channels when we need to. It’ll be someone’s job to stay in touch with those of us running games, though. Some campaigns have to abruptly halt or go on hiatus.