The Old Timers Guild Charter

The Old Timers Guild is a community of mature gamers, from all around the globe, looking to have fun and interact with other members in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. We strongly believe that real life is the most important thing. We know things will happen, and no guild or game should expect you to suffer for taking care of whatever matters most in your own life. We are about the journey and not the destination. Our community provides our members a place to escape from real life. A place to kick up your feet and enjoy gaming content in a friendly and fun environment. We are a helpful and motivated group of gamers, looking to enjoy ourselves without the drama. This laid back approach may not be for everyone, but it is vital that all our members understand and abide by this belief, as it is the backbone to our motto…
Laid Back, Not Too Serious, No Drama… All About The Fun!

As a member of the Old Timers Guild you are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct and to follow the Chain of Command to resolve all disputes and issues.

The community is only as strong as its members and the OTG leadership will look to each and every member as a vital contributor to ensuring our standards are upheld, both in game and on the forums. Members should be aware that their conduct is a reflection of the guild as a whole. No one person is better then any other, nor is he/she above the guild. We expect mature people to act in a mature manner. We like to have fun. We poke fun at, and play jokes on, each other. But we do it at all times with respect.

As with any organization, there will be times that people don’t see eye to eye. Any issues that arise are to be resolved in a respectful and mature manner. Every member is to follow the rules set forth in our Code of Conduct and follow the process for issue resolution. No matter what happens remember to “Praise in Public, Dispute in Private.” If you can’t resolve it, seek assistance from the guild leadership.

The Old Timers Guild Charter is our philosophy and it should be something you believe in. If this is not what you are looking for then feel free to apply elsewhere. If at any time you no longer agree with our philosophy, feel free to use our open exit policy. We are just looking to have a good time and in order to do that we need good mature people with that same philosophy.

In closing we would like to make it clear, this community is about FUN, period. You will get as much out of OTG and its community as you put into it. If your goal is to have a tag, then that is all you will get. If your goal is to meet new people, play some games, participate in discussions, laugh a little, and most importantly enjoy yourself…then you will find a home.

Good Hunting and Safe Journey

Originally posted by Magistos