CitizenCon Image Dump

place for those who went to drop off pics and share with the org

I will be dumping a bunch here later…for now I need rest and a hot shower.

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Macallen and Simdor fighting pirates across the dusty plains of Daymar on back of a Dragonfly Yellowjacket.

Good times…

That is one sturdy Dragonfly…I’m surprised it’s not popping wheelies and dragging it’s rear in the sand :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, not THAT sturdy, it did “accidentally” break immediately after this photo :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome shot guys!

Great pic!

I saw your pic in the list too Prof, I saved in on my home PC, will post it for you later.

Thanx for the pics guys. And let me say those two models riding that hog… got my motor humming! lol

If it had been a Cyclone the wheel would have fallen off, post 3.3 it would have ended up on its side…

Hi, by the way. I’m the new guy :)~