So I know there are a couple of us going to CitizenCon this year.

I just picked up the BarCitizen Ticket at Maggie Mae’s the night before from 6:30 - 9:30. If anyone else id going let me know. Really looking forward to the event.

I grabbed a ticket to it as well. I have a VIP ticket for the main event, but the whole thing is split into 2 tracks. Would love to coordinate with someone who is going to opposite track as me to share info.

Yeah well I know Mac will be at the Tony Z talk. As will I. :wink:

I tried to get a premium, had it in my cart, but I have a standard and it won’t let me have 2. So I put in a CS ticket…9 hours later they replied “fixed it, you can buy it now”…it was gone. Dammit.

I’ll be in the cheap seats. The $19k cheap seats.

I also didn’t snag a ticket to the bar citizen, I was so wrapped up in getting a premium that I missed it :frowning: Oh well, there’ll be plenty of stuff going on after.

Maybe they can put you on a waiting list? Regardless we’ll have to all meetup in the hall during the event.

Yes, Whoever is in the building early/first should post up a meeting place. Also, if the event the night before runs from 6-9 then you can get in for free without a ticket after 9 and there will still be plenty going on I am sure.

We’ll work it out, post schedules closer to the event, swap #'s, etc. Not worried.

Here’s the schedule, and yes, I’ll be in the TZ discussion :slight_smile:

OF the ones to choose from I would probably go Grey, Grey, Orange, Orange, Orange

orange, orange, grey, grey/grey, orange, orange, orange

I prefer macallen’s call.

I missed the BarCitizen tickets, so I guess the rest of us will continue to meet at the previously discused Bar-B-Q Terry Black’s place for Dinner then go over to the BarCitizen event at 9:30 at Maggie’s? Will anyone else be meeting up there? How later are you all going there planning n staying?

I missed that ticket as well.

A couple of weeks before 10/10 we’ll make a thread with agendas, contact info, etc I suspect, and plan it out. I get into Austin 5pm Tues and leave 6am Thurs.

I am driving from Fort Wayne, IN. I will arrive evening of the 9th. I will leave after the event and get as far away as I can. Unless someone lets me share their room. I must conserve my money.