CoE Member List

Here’s a new member list. copy/pasted the info from the old one and added some colour to the names. Here it is:

OTG Member List for Chronicles of Elyria

If your name is missing feel free to pm me the data and I’ll add it.

66 Members on the list.
45 Members have purchased a package of one sort or another.
8 are +10 year members
4 are chapter staff
1 is an Admin
1 florescent green Decebel
and 1 Pink Benbrada

I see a new column in the chart for OTG/VGC. What are the ramifications of the selection? When I backed CoE it was as an OTG member. Vornair was and seemed the group to join as they had their shite together. The same with the Dutchy. Have things changed further?

What’s the game plan? I don’t want to not knowingly step on toes and find myself shown the door.


When Cynn was banned there were many upset people so I put an option for folks who wanted to primarily play with either group. It doesn’t have a meaning in CoE. Your welcome to play with whoever you want in the duchy as long as for example you don’t take stuff from the guild vault to give to another guild or to sell on an auction house.

In Eve Online many of us are in our own private corporations (guilds) and the only connection between us is a shared chat channel that we made. We’ll see how it works out in CoE closer to beta launch and test things out then.

In conclusion, you can choose one or the other, both or neither. Your choice.

Greetings, (Count) Earl Rykos Roenack here. Is there a private section and what do you need from me to gain access? Also I’m noticing some inter fracturing going on and I’m likely not going to help much with that. I’m currently a count in the Duchy Singraven within the Kingdom of Bordweall. I learned about CoE from some friends I played with in LiF. I was in a guild called Prosperity and we did some delightful pvp and had the biggest baddest castle around (probably still do). Once I learned all there was to know about CoE I had to be apart of it. I ended up committing to staying with my friends in Bordweall. I then decided to talk to my OTG brethren, but alas you guys had already committed to the Kingdom of Vornir. In my perfect world I would be able to play with both OTG and my old Prosperity friends. I have no interest in “poaching people” but I would be remiss if I did not offer the olive branch of a potential unity. We have some amazingly dedicated people and I think it would be a beautifully symbiotic relationship that would lead to a prosperous Kingdom and for those that crave pvp the opportunity to do it with some of the best. If you want to contact me, just shoot me a message in the forums or for a more prompt response use my discord.

o/ Heya, There is no fracturing that I’m aware of. I expect all our members to act honourably in whatever aspect of CoE they play in even if they’re in-game criminals. This is especially important if otgers are on opposite sides of a war. We’ll flesh out the “Rules of Engagement” between otgers closer to launch.

There is no private section and there won’t be until game launch. I or whom ever is chosen as Chapter Lead will set that up then. It makes no sense to have a private section during game development.

Members are free to play with whoever they want but again I expect honourable beheavour.

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Added Roknor Welcome :slight_smile:

Separate the Title/Pledge column into two columns called Title and Pledge Package. Place the Title column to the left of the Surname column for name readability.

For example: my title would be Mayor, surname Byphmoor, and pledge package Governor.

Clarity. Someone with a Mayor pledge package could be a Baron. Alternatively, someone with a Baron pledge package could be a Mayor. The title denotes your role within the county (Mayor: civil, and Baron: military).

Also, someone might want to specify the gender of their title (e.g. Baron vs. Baroness, Count vs Countess, etc.). Personally, I’m fine with Mayor whatever my character’s gender.


  1. Pledge Packages (a wiki link, not a store link)
  2. See Mayors vs Barons in this dev blog

I have added a “Kingdom | Duchy” column as some of our members are in a different Kingdom. Please pm me with your chosen Kingdom and Duchy.

Looking to be added to the list. What sort of information do you need?

Kingdom: Riftwood (NA-W)
Duchy: Dawnmire (current pledge level)

Surname: Dracokalen
Kingdom: ??
Server: Luna NA-E
Pledge: Magistrate
Profession: TBD

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feel free to look at the list.

Info I must have:
Kingdom | Duchy

Everything else is voluntary.

Name: Huldric Franconian
Server: Angelica (NA-West)
Kingdom: Riftwood
Duchy: Dawnmire
Pledge Level: Duke

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