Conan Exiles Mods

I am playing a solo game set up to be easy. I am also using mods. I would like to set the mods, at least a few of them, in a certain order, but I do not know where the mods are on my computer. Can someone please tell me where Conan Exile mods are stored on a computer and how I put them in a specific order, like starting by placing a specific mod in the #1 spot.

Thank you.

Click on Mods (in the main menu). You should see unused mods on the left and used ones on the right. Use the arrows between them to move the highlighted mod back and forth between the lists. The right hand list has up/down arrows. Click on a mod to highlight it and use those arrows to move it up and down in the load order.

But… (there’s always a but)

You need to restart the client after changing the mods list and it doesn’t always save so make sure you go back into mods and check before starting your game.