I’ve been a member of OTG for a long time. I’ve watched as the guild made changes to - well to nearly everything.
I’m not sure how being a member is still relevant to me. I used to be able to get information about games, strategies and special events. These may still be available but I’m hard pressed to find anything of value anymore. I’ve been away for awhile traveling and now find that my password isn’t valid - not long enough and because I logged in with a new password and designated new to the chapter. If I’m not getting this right, please advise.

This is an entirely different forum solution, so folks did have to re-register. Accounts were not ported over from the old forums (they were not the most cooperative forums!). It looks like you’re set back up to member now. The system might have suggested you apply, but since you’re an existing member that isn’t necessary. The system just has no way of knowing if you’re really new, or an existing member.

Regardless of all that, it looks like you’re a member now, where you should be! If you haven’t looked at the available information since you’ve been blue, check again. Much is hidden from guests to the site.

Is there something in particular you’re seeking? Perhaps we can help. Discourse can be overwhelming at first. The search function here works great, and staff should be tagging stuff to help with those searches as well. To see a list of available tags, click the hamburger stacked lines thingy in the upper right corner and click tags. Plain text searching works great too.

There is a lot of old information still on the old site, which is still available for reading. The chapters brought over what they felt was current/relevant, but its SO much, I’m sure things were missed. If there is something in particular that’s missing from the old site, get with that chapters leadership; perhaps something can be done.

Otherwise (I’ll end my huge post!), don’t be afraid to ask like you just did! The members know lots of tips and tricks to get around easier, find what they need, not get information overload, etc.

Thanks. Haven’t given up yet, but finding the direction of the guild to have changed so much that I’m still considering.

Well, how can I help?

I’m not sure what you mean by this? Changed in what way? For the time I’ve been a member the direction has pretty much always been the same. Some implementation details have changed regarding specific games, and more recently, the move to a new forum solution and Discord over Mumble, but those are technical changes that do not (should not?) impact the direction of the guild.


You don’t even have to log in every 30 days to keep your account active now :smiley:

I check in almost daily for my lurker points :male_detective:


Just remember we are still the same people and everyone is very helpful and friendly.


Dammit! I knew I was forgetting something!



Hypno panda made me do it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Splutty friendly? Shirley you’re joking.

Oh yeah, what is the direction of the guild? I forgot what OTG stands for…now if I can just find my teeth.

im pretty sure OTG is about Depends, Ensure and pudding. oh yea, and gaming…

I’m always very friendly to you bastards! And don’t call me Shirley!

Pudding? We get Pudding??? :bowl_with_spoon: I am missing out I want pudding! :bowl_with_spoon::bowl_with_spoon: Oh and better get me the depends, especially if I get pudding. :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop: