Cooking 1 - 600 Before the BFA Pre Patch

Thanks to @Nawtynurse for reminding me of the easy cooking leveling. If you can get to Half Hill you can do this cooking leveling stuff.

Pandaria, Half Hill Market, Sungshin Ironpaw.

She can teach you how to make a bunch of different stuff and sells the mats to make all of it. If you follw the list, you will get cooking up to almost 600.

All Credit goes to WOWHead and the author of the guide- Abura as well as the people tha made comments on it.

Cooking 1 - 525
Start off by talking to Sungshin Ironpaw at Halfhill in Valley of the Four Winds. Accept So You Want to Be a Chef… and talk to Sungshin again and tell her you need cooking supplies. Buy the 5 Pandaren Peach from her and make your Sliced Peaches. This should be the start of a long journey to skill level 525. She can teach you the following recipes after. Please note that these give 5 skill points per make and that I’ve given the max skill onto where the next recipe becomes available, this guarantees always maximum skill-ups. You could continue until with a recipe until it goes yellow, as you see fit.

Sliced Peaches - Skill 1 - 30
Perfectly Cooked Instant Noodles - Skill 30 - 60
Toasted Fish Jerky - Skill 60 - 90
Dried Needle Mushrooms - Skill 90 - 120
Pounded Rice Cake - Skill 120 - 150
Yak Cheese Curds - Skill 150 - 180
Dried Peaches - Skill 180 - 210
Boiled Silkworm Pupa - Skill 210 - 240
Roasted Barley Tea - Skill 240 - 270
Golden Carp Consomme - Skill 270 - 300
Fish Cake - Skill 300 - 330
Blanched Needle Mushrooms - Skill 330 - 360
Red Bean Bun - Skill 360 - 390
Skewered Peanut Chicken - Skill 390 - 420
Green Curry Fish - Skill 420 - 450
Peach Pie - Skill 450 - 480
Tangy Yogurt - Skill 480 - 495
Pearl Milk Tea - Skill 495 - 510
Wildfowl Ginseng Soup - Skill 510 - 520

This should get you to skill level 525 and from there you can continue with the section below. The pre-quest So You Want to Be a Chef… won’t be there, but you should get Ready for Greatness from her at this time.

If you want to buy all the mats before you start cooking so you don’t have to switch back and forth,

For those of you like me that don’t want to have to constantly switch between learning new recipes and buying the mats, the exact mats you’ll need for 1-525 are
6 Instant Noodles
18 Needle Mushrooms
27 Pandaren Peach
6 Silkworm Pupa
20 Yak Milk
17 Rice
6 Red Beans
6 Farm Chicken
6 Barley
2 Ginseng
42 Golden Carp
2 Wildfowl Breast

All of these except the Golden Carp and the Wildfowl Breast are bought from Sungshin Ironpaw in the Halfhill Marketplace, which is convenient, since she’s also the cooking trainer.

Be careful: you only need to make 3 each of Tangy Yogurt and Pearl Milk Tea and 2 Wildfowl Ginseng Soup, while you have to make 6 of all the other recipes.

Make sure to get Ready for Greatness before making any Rice Pudding

Total cost of all the mats (except the Golden Carp and Wildfowl Breast both of which you’ll have to farm or buy on the AH) and training is 282g 13s 70c, after turning in the 2 cooking quests Sungshin Ironpaw gives you as you’re leveling cooking.

And here is the Guide from Wowhead:

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Just a few points. My son was saying any profession at 700 or above will basically be credited with completion of all the zones prior to BFA, so that is a target to hit.

With Pandaren cooking the flow chart is this

  • Check the instructor and learn a new recipe

  • Buy enough from the vendor for 6 combines

  • Repeat

I think at some point you have to go and fish and gather more, and it is not really worth it to catch up via Pandaren. I like skipping to Legion, and focus upon fishing recipes. You have to do the 6 recipes to unlock researching them, but once you have, you can dump a ton of fish into fishing progression.

Yea made sure my gathering was maxed prior to the prepatch