Costume Contest

Halloween is Coming Soon!

A few weeks ago during guild missions, I mentioned having a Costume Contest. I finally got around to making a post about it.

  1. I encourage everyone to participate and dress up in game. Be creative.
  2. You can participate individually or in groups.
  3. We will use our Discord channel for submissions so all can see.
  4. Post your screenshots by November 4th. Send me a pm that you have posted a screenshot just to make sure I do not miss it. You can post in this thread too.
  5. The top 5 screenshots will receive prizes.

Prizes not determined yet. Also, if you use Twitter and like to share screenshots then use the #GW2CostumeParty hashtag and tag OldTimersGuild in your tweet.


Oh, that looks exciting. I’ll see what I can cook up.