Crafting question

Crafting has changed so much since I was on last. I know have a category for each expansion. I was leveling up some leather working and I got up to “10” under the expansion. Do the leather working recipes come automatically or do I have to go to the trainer?

Thanks for helping.

You have to go to the trainer. You can see upcoming recipes, though, so you can make a note about when to go back. :slight_smile:

Thanks much. I came back and saw crafting 1 said “what happened to my skills” - then I realized they had been categorized. I am not sure what the reasoning behind that however.

People boosting new characters to 110 wouldn’t need to go back and grind all the previous levels of a profession before being able to get into the new content recipes. People who want to go back for the achievements could still do the old zones.

Basic pattern now is trainer for the 1-star. Then you craft a bunch. Then trainer will teach you the 2-star. Then you rep grind someone, and they will sell you the 3-star, or it will drop in the dungeon.