I’m new around here, so bear with me. I just joined the LOTRO OTG kin this past weekend, and was wondering how prevalent crafting is within the kin itself. Do kin members help other kin members out with crafting items and such ? My L76 Guard is a Westfold Master Metalsmith, and he is still working on his lower Guild levels. I have yet to add the rest of my characters to the kin. Interested to hear what folks have to say on this.

All toons you play will need crafting at some point to make crafted relics for your LIs. And each one should be guilded.

Many folks have enugh toons with maxed out crafting that they can make anything for anyone, tho it is a good idea to provide any special items like symbols and shards that may be needed to make something.

So if you need something, just ask in kinchat and someone will probably have a toon that can help you out. Or if someone asks, feel free to assist if you can.

Ditto what Jadowyn said.
I myself have just one toon in the kinship and he is a cook/farmer.
Probably you would not need anything from me but if so, I’d be glad to help.

Crafting in LOTRO is not what it once was. At one time it was pretty much required to get decent gear. That was (is) true up through about level 85. But then Turbine let it languish so that today, while useful it is no longer a major benefit.

All that said, things may change with Update 23. A new tier of crafting is being introduced - T12 Ironfold - There haven’t been any details about it yet. Howver, it would appear that the main recipes will be auto-granted as with the past two tier, and only the Essence recipes will require bartering. But I don’t know. I have not been able to get on Bullroarer because they broke the Mac test client so I can only repeat what others have said in the BR forum . . . and that has not been much.