Daily Event Brainstorming

Hi all, so, trying to think up a fun daily (or at the very least, a-few-times-a-weekly) thing we can do together as a guild. Times that currently work best for me are around early afternoon (1-3ish CST) and later at night (10pm-midnight CST) but that may change some at the end of the month when I go back to work. I’d love feedback on what times work best for everyone & what you’d all like to do.

I would like to also mention that I don’t have any kind of (good) boat, just a clipper, so if we want to do ocean things, that will be dependent on someone else bringing the transportation, lol.

Usually dealing with family stuff 7:45-10:30 pm est but after that on weeknights is good. Random times on the weekend afternoon but can play it by ear if scheduled enough in advance or regular.

Have Goldsink which is Growling Yawl class with Mythic/Legendary sails and mythic-epic cannons for sea things.

Fun/rewarding things to do:

Guild mission dailies
Greater dungeons
Pack smuggling (my fav)
Hiram Mountain Nodes/Mobs etc
Mentoring for our leveling guildmates
Premade Group PVP (all queing at the same time)
Harder World Bosses (Karkasse etc)