Darkfall chat naval

interesting game. wish there were more opportunity for naval stuff.

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Purchased a Schooner. Now I can farm seaweed and make sushi.

Hows that schooner treating you?

We had it out yesterday and killed a Kraken. No astrolab though… I now can make sushi since I have a source for seaweed.

If you put the fish into CV, i or Tolbin can make fish stew on Ruatha. btw if you need something crafted let me know! few of us try to keep the CV stocked but would be good to know what folks need the most. :slight_smile:

TTD - mainly Nuyur and Heldana (with some alt accounts ) used to kill the krakens near Angfrost as well. After 8-9 times they still waiting for a drop.

So dont give up! :+1:

Killed another kraken. Kinda fun even if no astrolab.