December 4th and 11th patch info

Main article is supposed to land on today, but they posted the content on Reddit today:

Here is the link to the post:

Hell yes, notes look awesome. They fix 95% of my issues with the game. Man, the next two weeks are going to drag. I want that stuff NOW. :laughing:

I am stoked for the stash limit increase. I hope it is very stable and they can give us more space.

I may turn the voice chat feature back on when they put in the push to talk feature. I will need to decide what key to use as I don’t want to use the same one as Discord.

I really like the C.A.M.P. placement on login feature. I was not expecting this one.

The respec seems interesting. I wanted the ability to respec and this looks like it might work for it.

The meat of the patch notes (camp placement issues, PTT, stash increase, etc.) I consider to be basic necessities so I’m happy about that for sure.

However, my favorite smaller detail has got to be the Bulldoze feature. I wasn’t expecting that at all, but I love it. At last I can fastidiously shape my little kingdom according to my personal whims and shameless vanity. :wink:

I hadn’t thought of a separate PTT key for the game and Discord, as I usually don’t use in-game voice chat in other games. But that’s probably a good idea here.