Devtracker Tidbits

I copied over the majority of the old Devtracker thread from the other forums. Still had some good information and occasionally it was nice remembering when certain things we’re added to the game. Cheers

07-31-2012, 05:50 PM

As of the last patch the game should no longer be scaling UP based on party
size, making it easier in full groups. It’s currently balanced on a 4 person
party. Adding a 5th or 6th doesn’t affect scaling.


11-02-2012, 12:33 PM

About guild renown

Originally Posted by Eladrin

This already exists.

When kicking out an
inactive member, you receive:

Full Penalty: Member was inactive for less
than 30 days.
Reduced Penalty: Member was inactive for 30 days or more, but
less than 180 days.
No Penalty: Member was inactive for 180 days or

No renown loss maybe, but I know you still get
the recent departure penalty. I only booted the players that were more than one
year absent.
Yes, sorry for being confusing

  • the penalty part that I referred to was them taking a percentage of their
    earned renown with them. They’ll still count as a recently removed member.


11-26-2012, 05:35 PM

The Greater Dragonmark of Finding increases a chest’s relative treasure level by


12-13-2012, 05:07 PM

As of today, the number of times per day you may use the /stuck command has been
increased to be once per hour. This rate may be adjusted again in the future.
Thanks for your patience and we’ll see you in game!

12-24-2012, 04:25 PM

Re the CITW raid:

Epic Normal commendation drop chance:
15% per player for a commendation in
the first chest.
15% per player for a commendation in the second chest.

Epic Hard commendation drop chance:
30% per player for a
commendation in the first chest.
30% per player for a commendation in the
second chest.

Epic Elite commendation drop chance:
100% per player for
a commendation in the first chest.
100% per player for a commendation in the second chest.

Originally Posted by Ape_Man

Do they drop in chests 3-6? I cannot
They do not. Every chest in Caught
in the Web has a chance to drop raid weapons, however.
If all you want is the
commendations, you only need to go for two chests. If you want items, then the
more chests the better.


02-27-2013, 05:23 PM
For example, we already have a change coming for the next patch (as a belated
birthday present maybe) which will add 10% boost to all earned XP for VIP
accounts. We can’t make every player always decide it is worthwhile to be a VIP,
but we will continue to do what we can to make the program a good deal for our
most ardent players. We will share more details on these changes as they are


04-05-2013, 05:33 PM
In answer to " Can a gem of fortune stop you getting named loot ?"

There is
indeed one quest currently in the game where a Jewel of Fortune can, in some
circumstances, prevent you from getting treasure. If affected by this, the chest
will be completely empty for you- nothing at all will appear in it.

can only happen in “The Reaver’s Fate”, which is the Heroic-tier raid in
Gianthold. This does not happen in the Epic Gianthold raid, or any other quests
in the game.

This issue is fixed in the next upcoming patch to DDO,
Update 18.

Bit more on the subject
Originally Posted by DareDelvis

Does running a loot gem increase the chance for
named loot in heroic quests?

Does it bump a normal run to elite level
named loot (that one I doubt)?
Jewels of
Fortune and other loot boosts increase the level of a chest, which determines
what level of random treasure will generate inside.

Jewels of Fortune
and other loot boosts do not affect named treasure.

“Named” treasure is
any treasure that has a special, bonus chance to appear in a specific treasure
chest. It doesn’t care about the chest or quest level, only that you’re opening
the right chest.


Originally Posted by Derailment

Well with introduction of hard- and elite- versions of items I guess it care for quest level
It cares about difficulty, not level. =)


06-20-2013, 05:23 PM

Upcoming Quest XP Changes
Originally posted by PurpleFooz
Very soon we’ll be opening Lamannia with the newest version of Enhancements. Included in that version of the game code are several new features and changes coming to quest XP in the expansion. We wanted to highlight what’s coming with a very early write up, because the changes that you’ll see on Lamannia are not yet ready for testing, and include a lot of place-holder numbers. Today we wanted to talk about the changes so that you have some insight into what features are coming:

We’ve previously mentioned in our Reincarnation discussions that we’ll be reworking the XP curve to be less steep for 2nd and 3rd life reincarnations. Those curves will be ameliorated, so that the increase in XP needed to level isn’t such a drastic increase in the 15-20 range, and so that the lower level ranges require move XP to level.

One of the other changes we are working on for the upcoming Expansion release is a change to the way quest repetition XP penalty works. Currently whenever you repeat the same quest over and over, the XP degrades until the quest permanently gives little to no XP. With the Expansion, we will allow the penalty to reset after a grace period, similar to the way chest loot ransack works.

Next a new daily bonus is being added to quest completions. Every day, a quest will have a bonus added to the base XP value. Playing the quest on any difficulty level qualifies for this daily bonus.

Finally, we will be adding a new way to receive bonus XP: Sagas. New NPCs will be arriving in Eberron and Faerûn who chronicle the deeds of heroes across multiple story archs/adventure packs. By completing all the quests in a given Saga, you can speak with the Saga NPC to claim an extra reward such as a large one-time XP grant, guild XP, or even tomes. The quality of those rewards can also be influenced by running the quests on higher difficulties.

We are still refining what the final numbers will be for these changes and bonuses, and as we get closer to Expansion launch day we will go into greater detail. The version that will appear on Lamannia is not meant for testing, and is there merely because we have taken an early game build to continue Enhancements review with players. You’re welcome to provide feedback on what you see, but it is not something Lamannia participants should focus on because it is still a work in progress.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this early look, as we’d like to continue these types of posts to let players peek behind the DM screen a bit more ahead of Shadowfell Conspiracy.

  • PurpleFooz


06-14-2014, 09:05 AM
Originally Posted by Bradik_Losdar
I have been away from the game for some time now and was curious if the chance for named treasure to drop is still better on higher difficulty settings. I’ve heard rumor that the treasure system was changed a little while back so that it doesn’t matter what difficulty you run a quest on, the treasure drop percentages are now all the same.

Anyone know?


Content that has tiered loot in Normal/Hard/Elite flavors - such as Wheloon or the High Road - generally has static drop rates across all difficulties.

Content that has the same items in every difficulty setting - such as most old Eberron Epics or U22’s Epic Three-Barrel Cove - generally has higher drop rates on higher difficulties.

Originally Posted by Bradik_Losdar
So, what about things like scrolls, seals, and shards? Same drop rate regardless of difficulty?

The Scrolls, Seals, and Shards of the old Epic Item system usually have higher drop rates in higher difficulties. The exact rate may vary between packs.


10-22-2014, 06:18 PM
Re: Devtracker Tidbits

Effects that provide bonuses to saves - Such as “+X Resistance” items, or Sapphires of Resistance augments - do already stack with effects that provide bonuses to saves from individual schools (such as the +6 to Illusion and Enchantment saves found on the Epic Glimpse the Soul), even if they are the same bonus type. We’ll look into a possible wording change to make this more clear.

When calculating your save against, say, Hold Person, the game uses something like: (Total Will Save)+(Bonuses to Saves against Enchantment Spells). They’re entirely separate channels, and seem to have worked that way since at least Module 5, if not earlier. The Will Save bonus will apply to every Will save; the Enchantment Save will only apply if the effect you’re making a saving throw for is an Enchantment effect. So they won’t always apply in exactly the same situations.

We don’t presently have plans to change those channels, but if people are confused we’ll look into ways it can be made clearer.

Long term we hope to clarify this more, as it’s clearly caused some confusion.

These things are somewhat like Natural Armor vs. AC. These both increase your chance to avoid being hit, but you can have (for instance) an Insight bonus to AC that stacks with an Insight Bonus to Natural Armor. Natural armor isn’t a bonus type, it’s a separate statistic that can be modified. Tabletop players may recall that it’s possible to increase an existing Natural Armor bonus. Within the mechanical rules, this meant that Natural Armor couldn’t be easily done as a mere bonus type, but instead gave birth to a separate statistic. Otherwise if something gave you +2 Natural Armor it wouldn’t stack with characters that already had Natural Armor, and it was intended to. (Similar to multiple sources giving +2 Insight bonus to Strength, it wouldn’t work to have multiple Natural Armor bonuses to Armor Class – the Strength bonuses shouldn’t stack but the Natural Armor ones should, sometimes, per the pen and paper rules.)

For saves, there are separate statistics tracked for Disease, Poison, Magic, Traps, Paralysis, Fear, Illusion, Energy Drain, and Sleep (in addition to general Reflex, Fortitude, and Will). Each of these is actually broken up by Reflex, Fortitude and Will.

This kind of separation largely exists for “older” stats that closely followed pen and paper rules. As another example, Barbarian’s get Trap Sense, which is specifically a bonus to Reflex saves vs. traps, making this a separately tracked statistic. (Some of these things were of course judgment calls as to the precise implementation when translating to a video game, of course.)

We’ve largely tried to avoid this level of complication for newer statistics such as Dodge or Spell Power.


12-16-2014, 06:27 PM
We have reduced the number of Monster Champions that spawn, and also reduced the overall damage boost Champions get. The numbers are now:

⦁ Hard normal monsters: The percentage chance for a Champion to spawn has been reduced from 12% to 6%.
⦁ Elite normal monsters: The percentage chance for a Champion to spawn has been reduced from 12% to 9%.
⦁ Hard Orange named monsters (mini-bosses) is now 33%.
⦁ Elite Orange named monsters (mini-bosses) is now 66%.
⦁ Champion Damage boost: Reduced by 25%.


01-14-2015, 05:45 PM

Release note not Devtracker , but the tidbit part was right and interesting:

The chance for epic monsters to ignore ability score damage has been reduced from 90% down to 33% on Epic Hard and 50% on Epic Elite. This chance remains zero percent on Epic Casual and Epic Normal.


03-05-2015, 05:46 PM

Um, you know that something that scales with 200% Melee Power does double damage if you have 50?

The below while discussing Assassins an special attacks that reduce MP of enemy mobs:

~ The way Melee and Ranged Power works is this:

If MP is positive, the multiplier to damage is (100 + Rating)/100.
If MP is negative, the multiplier to damage is 100/(100 + Rating)


03-25-2015, 06:16 PM

Some repeater news for update 25:

We ripped apart the system and re-implemented the animation scripts for firing crossbows. When this hits Lamannia you will see that crossbows now fire and reload all in one action, somewhat like bows. Each click fires one bolt and reloads for normal crossbows, and fires three bolts and reloads for repeaters. Ranged alacrity now speeds up the entire animation; shooting and reloading. Activated attacks like Leg Shot now queue properly and aren’t simply lost as the ability goes on cooldown. And yes Endless Fusilade still works. That took a lot of time to fit into the new system.

What does this mean?

Crossbows of all types got a DPS boost because the feats and abilities that currently boost ranged alacrity now work correctly on the whole animation and the number of bolts fired is higher. This also means that repeaters can use Leg Shot reliably and since all three shots from that volley get the increased damage it is very effective.

All this means that Mechanics that use repeaters on our internal builds are too good and we will have to do another pass on it to tone it down.

We are essentially starting our balancing tests from scratch and we will be very interested in Lamannia feedback.

< Snip changes since it will probably be better to post them all at once after our testing.>

~ As an aside, Artificers that use crossbows will see an increased rate of fire.

Originally Posted by patang01
You mention leg shot, but there are features (from destinies) that are one click activation and that was lost in the old reload sequence, are these all now going to queue up and work properly? If so that’s awesome.

Yes. The fixes are meant to work on activated attacks in general.


Doubleshot is divided by 3 for repeaters to compensate. This is on live so if it doesn’t appear to be working in some cases we would definitely welcome a bug on it.

To clarify some questions:

The rate of fire for a base character with a crossbow with no speed bonuses (like Rapid Reload) should be the same. The reason I say that builds will see an increased rate of fire is that Rapid Reload and itemization boosts (like Pinion) will speed up the entire animation.

On example builds we were testing with various alacrity boosts we saw rates of fire jump from 99 per minute on live to 133 per minute on the test servers. That’s a large increase.

To throw out some math to players about the DPS increase and why we need to be careful: take a Mechanic using Shadowdancer on live and assume 10 damage average per bolt. That would be 990 damage per minute. On test this would, with the increased rate of fire and the ranged power in Epic levels and Shadowdancer cores, jump to 1330 * 1.42 = ~1880. That’s about double the DPS with no boosts to Mechanic.

(Note that damage we pick for the average bolt damage is irrelevant to determining the percent increase.)



03-30-2015, 06:59 PM

Originally Posted by Vargouille
It can be as high as +28 to saves on the highest levels of Dungeon Alert. There are some straight saving throw boosts and some ability score boosts monsters receive with higher Dungeon Alert. It’s much, much lower on low levels. Green alert is +4 (or+20%) to saves (+2 to saves and +4 to ability scores).

Sharing is caring, some clarifying information on Dungeon Alert after looking more closely:

Monsters only get a buff to physical ability scores (STR, DEX, CON), which means that under Dungeon Alert they currently aren’t getting Wisdom bonuses (nor INT, nor CHA), which further means their Will saves won’t go up as much as Reflex or Fortitude. (And monster Casters generally aren’t getting increased DCs for spells.)

Dungeon Alert monster buffs can include (at their strongest):
⦁ STR, DEX, CON: Up to +24
⦁ AC, To-Hit: Up to +16
⦁ Fortification: Up to +100%
⦁ Saving Throws: Up to +16 (not counting the indirect ability score buff to saves, which won’t affect Will)
⦁ Skills: Up to +24
⦁ Movement speed: Up to +20%
⦁ True Sight
⦁ Immunity to certain triggered effects (I’m not 100% sure which things this affects)


04-28-2015, 06:02 PM
There’s a lot of different loot that drops in a lot of different places in TOEE. The distribution is a bit different than a lot of other dungeons in DDO.

For the upgradeable Elemental Weapons, those are found in each dungeon’s End Chest, in Random Encounter chests, and the Arc Reward List (when you complete both dungeons). If you’ve been playing TOEE, you’ve probably seen a lot of these so far. The drop rate for each kind of weapon is roughly equal. If you’re looking for one of a particular element, you may want to search Random Encounters in the particular Node for that element.

For the upgradeable Elemental Armors, you’ll want to search Random Encounters in the Elemental Nodes of Part 2.

For the Mythic Named Weapons, they can be found in Random Encounters within the Temple (but not inside the Nodes, I believe) as well as the end chests for either part - However, your odds are much higher on Random Encounter chests than the end chests.

The Mushroom Cap is the only item unique to the End Chest of Part 2.

(Additionally, +6 to +7 Upgrade Tomes can only be found in the End Chests for either Part 1 or Part 2).


06-11-2015, 06:03 PM

Assuming everyone in the party is the correct level, Monster Champions are intended to have a 33% chance to drop chest or remnants (and 66% during Double Remnant events).

Now remnants and chests are placed near where the killer was - since we know the killer somehow got there in the first place. If the killer isn’t a player, it won’t create the loot drop (mostly due to technical reasons).

Originally Posted by TeacherSyn
Thanks for that information.

Something others haven’t brought up: On a character with multiple classes, with “End Rewards based on Class” checked in Options, what items may likely drop for them? I’ve never been clear if the end-chest factors into this or just the NPC end-reward. Having up to three classes then would mean that players are limiting themselves to specific drops if that’s the case.

It does not affect end chests, only what kind of lootgen items appear in end reward lists.


06-22-2015, 05:18 PM

Re healing cocoon

This is a change that was made, but did not make it into the release notes. Sorry! I wasn’t aware this was in the update. That said, yes, this is a deliberate change in that Cocoon really shouldn’t have been able to target people through walls and such, and is expected to remain as it currently functions (requiring line of sight.)


06-24-2015, 05:56 PM

Confusion is considered level 3 Warlock Enchantment spell.
Mass Confusion is considered a level 6 Warlock Enchantment spell.


08-03-2015, 04:39 PM
Re: Devtracker Tidbits

To settle an argument (not that people regard what the Devs say as definitive but what can you do)…

Originally Posted by redoubt
At about 35 minutes you say blur stacks with displacement. Is this correct?

The long story short: No, we were incorrect about that. Our apologies.

The slightly longer version: Blur and Displacement are different effect channels, and with the way DDO’s effect system works, they should stack. (The text doesn’t reflect this, for reasons we’re about to get to). However! Deep in the deepest of code, there’s a part that, when you are attacked, looks at your Displacement, Blur, and Visual Concealment percentages, finds the highest of the three, and throws out the other two. So, in the end, they don’t stack.


08-11-2015, 05:54 PM

Helmed Horrors are always healed by Force, and also healed variably by one of (fire/cold/electric/acid) at any given time.


10-28-2015, 05:15 PM

Night Revels:

When a graveyard monster is killed, there are a couple of different percentage rolls made, and based on the outcome of those rolls, the Darkest Chocolate or Night Revels Key is distributed. Among the things that make you eligible for receiving an award is being the person who hit the monster first, being the one who killed it, being on the monsters hate list, or being in a party with someone who did one of those things. Additionally, it makes ineligible characters who are massively over the level of the monster. It is possible to get both a Darkest Chocolate and Night Revels Key when killing a mob. The things that make you eligible are not all weighed equally.


11-25-2015, 05:01 PM

  1. Potency (the item bonus that gives a bonus to all spell powers) does NOT give a bonus to Universal Spell Power. Potency essentially has nothing to do with Universal Spell Power, the statistic.
  2. Feats and enhancements that give bonuses to Universal Spell Power (there are many) all stack with Potency (you can see this currently in game with any feats/enhancements that do this.)
  3. Universal Spell Power is a statistic, like Constitution and Reflex Saves. Asking “Does Constitution stack with increased maximum hit points?” is similar to asking “Does USP stack with Electric Spell Power?” The answer is yes, but the question itself is confusing, and doubly confusing because we’ve failed to tell you that Potency is a bonus to Electric Spell Power (and fire, and cold, and force, and positive, etc.) Because Potency is not a bonus to Universal Spell Power, it will always stack with USP 100% of the time, the same way that bonuses to Dexterity always stacks with bonuses to Reflex saves - they stack because they are technically bonuses to different things.


12-02-2015, 05:16 PM

Yes, “on Vorpal” is the same as “on a roll of 20 confirmed by a second roll which has to hit”. It’s a bit of dev-speak that sometimes sneaks into text, but is the way these kind of procs are described in conversation on the team for the most part.


03-02-2016, 06:27 PM

The Vulnerability portion of Final Strike works the same as other Vulnerability effects, which is why the duration is as it is.

There’s been some folks recently who are interested in learning more about Final Strike, so we’d like to explain this effect a bit more.

Unfortunately, we have discovered a bug with Final Strike post-today’s-hotfix in that the initial AOE damage is not accurate. That said, in addition to Vulnerable, the benefit should be:

On-Hit: 2d6+1d6 per Ranger level
Additionally, if the target is at 50% health: 5d20 damage
Additionally, if the target is at 25% health: 25d20 damage
Additionally, if the target is at 10% health: 100d20 damage

This damage does not scale with Ranged Power.

Again, the On-Hit initial damage is not correct in either the Ranger or Elven Final Strike currently.

As an additional note: each of those damage numbers are independent of one another. Thus creatures with 10% health or less should receive four separate damage effects.

Yes, both will be based on Ranger levels.


03-10-2016, 04:40 PM

DDO Bonus Days bring you a new bonus event: Treasure Hunter’s Weekend! Now through March 13th!
What it does: Treasure dice rolls are increased by 10, making it more likely that you will get maximum effects on loot.

  • Yes, this stacks with the Treasure Hunter’s Elixirs.
  • No, this doesn’t increase your chance to get named loot.
  • This is a separate bonus from traditional Loot Boosts, which raise the level of the chest. This raises the chance to get the good stuff for the level of the chest you are opening.
  • A loot boost will raise the level of the chest, and a Treasure Hunter’s Elixir will increase the chance to get lucky loot from the chest. So, combining both together will have an impact.

Things like higher/best possible numbers on the benefits, better chance to get additional benefits, that kind of thing.
So, under our new loot system, when you open a chest, a roll is made on a loot table. The higher the number, the better. This adds +10 to that roll. The loot table rolled changes as the level of the chest increases, so that in general the loot keeps pace with character level.

Question: So you said it does not affect the chance to get named loot. However, a lot of named loot “has a chance” to roll with mythic boosts (whatever they are called). Will this affect that chance?

No. In general, named loot has its own %-based chance to appear. If it appears, there’s another %-based chance for it to be Mythic (unsurprisingly, the % for Mythic is pretty low.)

Does the treasure hunter bonus from elixirs and event affect end rewards or is it chest only?

Chests only.

The Treasure Hunter’s Bonus acts like a Treasure Hunter’s Elixir, and procs this chest beam of light effect when you’ve hit a lucky loot roll as a result of the bonus.

Spatz’s Note - I’ve seen the effect a bunch of times so far. I think each item gotten this way was Masterful, but haven’t seen useful yet.

06-16-2016, 04:57 PM

Hello! We’re writing today to give you a heads-up on a change to the in-game mail system that will improve game performance.

We’ve been tackling cases of “stacking enhancements”, optimizing things at the data center, and eliminating other causes of decreased game performance (lag) in recent months. We’ve discovered a significant performance issue caused by the in-game mail system when inboxes get too large. We know some of you have been using in-game mail to store stuff long-term, and that would be fine if it wasn’t causing problems for everyone, but unfortunately it is, so we’re taking steps in an upcoming patch to address it.

We will soon be implementing a mailbox limit of 50 mails. This will be done in a patch tentatively set for next week. This limit includes mail sent by the auction house. Once the limit is reached, you will no longer receive mail from other players, or be able to bid/post in the auction houses. You will still receive mail from the auction house if you have existing auctions that you cancel, or have expired. We are not automatically deleting your mail at this time, but will be reaching out to some folks who have exceptionally large inboxes in the coming days.

If you have a lot of stuff in your inbox, now is the time to clean it out! We realize that some of you have cleanup to do, so we want to give you a heads up that this is being done. If we need to automatically delete large inboxes in the future, we will give you enough heads-up to allow you to get your stuff out, but at this time we’re just implementing the limit, reaching out to folks with the largest inboxes, and urging everyone to clean up their inboxes if they have more than 50 mails.


  • We’re implementing a 50-mail inbox limit in an upcoming patch next week.
  • Your current mail will not be deleted. If we need to delete your mail in the future, we’ll give you time to get your stuff.
  • You won’t be able to use the auction houses if you have more than 50 mails.
  • You can’t receive mail if you have more than 50 mails.
  • This is being done to improve game performance, aka, improve lag.

As always, we want to remind people that there is no singular cause of lag, so while this will improve things, it won’t end all lag forever. We continue to work to identify causes of lag and squash them. Thanks!

Amended 7/21

As you may know, we recently implemented a system in DDO that limits your mailbox inbox to 50 mails. This was done to start addressing an issue where exceptionally-large inboxes were causing lag due to character data bloat. When we implemented this system, we asked everyone to voluntarily reduce their inboxes, and the system itself began preventing people from sending mail or posting things in the Auction Houses if they had more than 50 mails.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts to address this issue. Remember that we won’t see a lag reduction until players have smaller mailbox inboxes, so it’s been up to you to help improve things by reducing your inbox. We’re now at the stage when we need to take the next step. We have a command that allows us to prune inboxes down to fifty mails, and we will soon be running that command starting with the characters that have the largest inboxes (we have a couple that are literally in the thousands…) Consider this your LAST CALL. Please get your inbox down to 50 mails if you are above this limit and are concerned about losing anything in your inbox.

As of Wednesday, July 20th here’s the player count of folks with 50+ mails in their inbox:

Argonnessen: 273
Cannith: 245
Ghallanda: 311
Orien: 216
Khyber: 219
Sarlona: 300
Thelanis: 307
Wayfinder: 45

Total: 1916

Some of these may be folks who are no longer playing the game, or who haven’t logged in in a very long time, but we know some of these numbers include active players, so we’re putting out this final call to voluntarily reduce your inbox size if you have more than 50 mails prior to running a command that will automatically prune things. Thank you!


07-15-2016, 10:03 PM

We are aware of this issue with Guard effects. The damage dealt should be scaling based on the under the hood power values of the item but currently are instead always outputting the base amount (despite the tooltip of the effects displaying what should be the correct damage values). I’ll and let you know when we have any updates on resolving it.


08-05-2016, 03:31 PM

Originally Posted by nokowi
Shards are a trap. Each reroll advances the chest ransack one step."

DEV: Just went ahead and tested this to be 100% sure - it’s definitely not true. Rerolling has 0 impact on chest ransack, which is the intended interaction. If you see anything that isn’t working as intended (ie a chest that ransacks before you’ve looted it 8 times) please send in a bug report.


08-08-2016, 05:34 PM

The Disable Device fueled DC of magical traps is set when the trap is placed onto the ground.


10-28-2016, 05:08 PM

Rewarding Keys and Chocolate:
Currently, keys and chocolates are rewarded in the following fashion. There are two ways to be considered for loot from a creature during the Night Revels.

  1. Being the first person to successfully attack a creature that then dies.
  2. Being on the creature’s hate list when that creatures dies.

If you are the first person to attack a creature that dies, a random person in that person’s group has a chance to receive a key or chocolate.
If you kill a creature, and are not the first person to attack the creature, you are not considered for the random chance to drop keys or chocolate.
If you are on the creatures hate list, but not the person who first person to attack the creature, a random person in that person’s group has a chance to recieve a key or chocolate.

There are several problems currently with how this works, while it’s functional, it could be improved. Also note, what people are doing I don’t consider griefing but it’s not the type of gameplay we want to encourage going forward (IMO).


11-01-2016, 06:50 PM

Chance on collectible for common/uncommon/rare is 75/20/5 according to a dev.


12-20-2017, 05:39 PM
Haven’t added to this in months so even though this was patch notes:

“The level tiers that inherent bonuses from tomes apply at has been adjusted to the following:
Level 1: +2 (This does not apply during character creation.)
Level 3: +3
Level 7: +4
Level 11: +5
Level 15: +6
Level 19 +7
Level 22: +8 and higher”

User Replies: Assuming a person starts with an even # for intelligence and has a +6 int tome that is 20 extra skill points by level 20 vs. the old system.


03-06-2018, 06:04 PM
U38 Balance Changes
Hey, SteelStar here. I’m here today to talk about a few upcoming changes you’ll see in Update 38’s first Lamannia, currently targeted for next week.

We’ve put quite a bit of time lately into gathering DPS data. This is in part to evaluate where builds are when on an even footing, to find outliers (both high and low), evaluate why they’re outliers, and bring those in as necessary. This, in turn allows us to better balance groups - We can better make overall Melee buffs if we don’t have 1-2 builds doing triple the damage of the other 98% of Melee builds. We’ll talk a little about our tests, then outline the changes coming.

Testing an extensive number of builds (over 40) in terms of DPS: A pure 20 Monk, using Handwraps, with most of its points in Shintao and the rest in Henshin, did significantly, unquestionably more damage than any other build we tested. It was not close. More than 30% above anyone else. Far below that, the #2 build had most of its levels in Monk, the #3 was another pure Monk, and #4 had a significant number of Monk levels as well. The #7 build in terms of raw DPS was 20 Monk Henshin Mystic using a Quarterstaff. No Monk builds we tried ranked below that.

In addition, the process of this balance check helped us identify a bug where characters who were Two Weapon Fighting (as well as those using Handwraps) were receiving Doublestrikes, Offhand Attacks, and Offhand Doublestrikes at a far lower rate than intended while moving. We’ve now fixed that internally. For comparison, most fighting styles deal similar damage numbers while moving vs. standing still; TWF on Live deals about 40% less damage while moving because of this bug. With Update 38, Two Weapon Fighting damage will be roughly the same when standing or moving, as it is for other styles.

Based on the above, we’re confident that an adjustment is needed. We understand that Melees are not in the strongest place in the top-end meta right now; we aren’t trying to kick Melee when it’s down. Rather, we’re trying to bring the Melee outliers in, so we can better balance Melee as a group. Consider this some first steps that will allow us to better make other ones down the road (such as improving Melee Defense).

You’ve likely seen some threads by now about Duality, the Raid Handwraps from Ravenloft. We’d initially given Ravenloft handwraps damage dice akin to two-handed weapons in the pack. We’d had some reasons for it at the time, but we missed the mark on this one (especially with Handwraps benefitting disproportionately well from the increases in internal damage dice) . We’re planning on dropping their dice from [1d6+6] to [1d6+3]. (In addition, the Legendary Morninglord and Nightmother handwraps will drop from [1d6+4] to [1d6+2].) Duality will still be the strongest handwraps, and likely stronger than most other weapons out there - But not by as much.

Henshin Mystic
Second, Henshin Mystic currently gets 75 Melee Power in its tree. This is a lot more than other trees get, and it’s pretty evenly distributed through its cores. We’re of the opinion that this makes both Pure Monks and Monk splashes disproportionately strong (especially given the other benefits of being a Monk), and are planning to alter it from (10/10/10/10/10/25) to (3/3/3/3/3/15). The net effect on Henshin Mystic builds is that their DPS falls in line with most other Two Handed Fighting builds. (We’re hoping to do a little further analysis of Two Handed Fighting in general after U38.)

Vistani Weapon Versatility
During our DPS testing we took a look at how this ability impacts builds. We’ve come to the conclusion that, ultimately, this ability is detrimental to game balance and our ability to make adjustments differently among Melee and Ranged builds. We’re planning to make it apply only to Daggers and Throwing Daggers, as it was in our earliest drafts of that ability.

Epic Destiny Boosts
With the above changes, we’re planning on making the following changes to Epic Destiny Cores. This is not meant to solve the inherent issues in a lot of these Destinies; only to make them slightly more appealing, and to introduce a minor Melee buff into Epic.
⦁ Fatesinger :
⦁ Current: +4 MP per core
⦁ New: +10 MP per core
⦁ Grandmaster of Flowers :
⦁ Current: +4 MP per core
⦁ New: +10 MP per core
⦁ Legendary Dreadnought :
⦁ Current: +3 MP per core
⦁ New: Unchanged . Another spike in our DPS testing showed that, with few exceptions, most Melee builds are best served by being in Legendary Dreadnought. It does not need the help; it should remain competitive, even with these changes.
⦁ Shadowdancer :
⦁ Current: +4 MP per core
⦁ New: +10 MP per core
⦁ Fury of the Wild :
⦁ Current: +3 MP per core
⦁ New: +6 MP per core
⦁ Primal Avatar :
⦁ Current: +4 MP per core
⦁ New: +10 MP per core . Bear in mind that this is targeted for the same release as the Druid pass, where Tree Form glitching is planned to be fixed.
⦁ Divine Crusader :
⦁ Current: +2 MP per core
⦁ New: +3 MP per core
⦁ Unyielding Sentinel :
⦁ Current: +4 MP per core
⦁ New: +5 MP per core

As said above, these changes are a step. They aren’t meant to address issues with Melee Defenses, Ranged/Magic DPS (short of the Vistani change), or anything beyond trying to make a more balanced Melee ecosystem. We have the above changes completed internally, and have been running comparison tests. The essential impact so far seems to be:
⦁ Standing Handwrap Monk DPS falls fairly dramatically, but they’re still in the top end of Single-Target Melee DPS. Just not by as much - they’re a LOT closer to other builds.
⦁ Conversely, Moving Handwrap Monk DPS rises somewhat, as the bugfix to TWF outpaces the other DPS-reducing changes.
⦁ Misc. Monk builds drop somewhat, depending on their level of previous investment into Henshin cores.
⦁ Most TWF builds now deal about 40% more damage while moving due to the bugfix, but otherwise remain about where they are.
⦁ Henshin Mystic’s DPS falls fairly dramatically, to about where other Two Handed Fighting builds currently are. (Two Handed Fighting builds are, themselves, a little bit below most SWF/TWF builds in terms of Single Target DPS, but Glancing Blow damage should put them right in the mix with other builds in overall damage; as I said above, we’re hoping to examine THF a little closer in the future.)
⦁ Some Destinies are a little more competitive for Melees.


04-25-2018, 05:23 PM
From a discussion of the new Elixirs of Discovery (available Daily Dice only) which boost your chances to get a named item if the chest offers one:

From Steelstar:

The general numbers we’ve used for getting the Named Loot Table in the last few years’ worth of updates:

Normal/Epic Normal: 10%
Hard/Epic Hard: 16%
Elite/Epic Elite: 33%

Reaper boosts Elite’s numbers by 1% per skull, I believe.

The potions directly add to those numbers, so a 5% potion would push each of those up by 5.


04-26-2018, 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by Ballrus
“Vistani Knife Fighter’s Single Dagger ability now properly works in any combat situation where you count as Single Weapon Fighting and are wielding a dagger. This ability now requires the Single Weapon Fighting Feat.”

This means that i can use vistani + SWF + orbs?

Thanks in advance.


Originally Posted by edrein
Does this mean Swashbucklers using Skirmisher can do the same?

If you’re actively getting the other benefits of Single Weapon Fighting (a feat which you have), and are wielding a Dagger, you should now be getting this.

Since Skirmisher lets you wield a Buckler and qualify for Single Weapon Fighting: Yes.


07-31-2018, 05:30 PM
Originally Posted by Gywiden
Is it possible to craft handwraps with a sentient jewel into a companion collar? Has anyone tried this? I noticed crafting a weapon that accepts sentience removes “accepts sentience” from the weapon description and you get the message that it won’t accept a sentient jewel if you try it anyway. I’m wondering if there is a way to do it (and have the effects work).

Pet Slots do not support Sentience; it is intended that you cannot turn an item holding a Sentient Jewel into a Collar.

Originally Posted by Nachomammashouse
I tested and it seems that if you add sentience to handwraps, they no longer can be converted into a collar.

This is currently true - If a pair of Handwraps has ever held a Sentient Jewel, it cannot be converted into a Collar. We’re going to look into whether or not the tech is there to change this.

Originally Posted by Nachomammashouse
Also wanted to mention that in the process of testing I wasted 1250 Strahd runes on Duality. It doesn’t seem to be able to be converted to a collar at all

Duality should work (I’ve done this myself), unless (as mentioned above) it’s held a Sentient Jewel before.



We have not released any information about the drop rates of Schism Shards, but they are not hideously rare and drop independently of your chances to get named loot. They’re a modern Seal of the Black Abbot, but unlike the Seals they have a chance to drop on Normal.

All you assassins are gonna love this. The following was buried in a thread discussing some bugs added and to be fixed in the falconry tree. emphasis added.


Investigation on Death from Above - The DC appears to be correct however the death effect itself changed to operate like assassinate (the original intent). This means it doesn’t work on elementals, oozes, constructs and undead and didn’t give the immunity feedback properly. After reviewing this we are going to return it to it’s original death with no racial/genus restrictions (still blocked by saving, being a boss, or having death block), AND include assassinate in this change. Sighting the difficulties to build up these tier 5 commitments our current view they can get a pass on the usual limitations many death effects have.

Added 10/29
Per the patch notes for 40.2

Assassinate now displays immunity particles if the character hits an immune target.
• Assassinate’s death effect no longer requires landing a “sneak attack” to apply, a normal hit will do. However you still must be stealthed to use the skill.
• Assassinate can now be used on Oozes, Elementals, Constructs, and Undead creatures. The description no longer references “living target” and now just references “target”.

Quote Originally Posted by Lagin View Post
[Start quote]
When I click any of the attacks, the following happens;

I select a target from back of pack or a champion.
I fire an arrow.
One second delay, bird attacks.

  1. I am of the opinion, that I should not fire an arrow when I hit a bird attack button. I lose ANY sneak attack, and lose any other initiative I might have had.

  2. The delay is initiating the birds actual attack.

Once I target something with bird, I switch targets, so I am not experiencing any delay in that regard.
[End Quote]

Understood. What you have described is working as intended. The bird attacks are currently intended to be a coordinated strike between Falconer and Falcon. In addition, the delay is there in order for the animations to be able to play correctly. In the last patch Torc sped those animations up and removed as much delay as was possible while having it look and play reasonably as well as avoiding having two birds on screen at once.

(This is not me shutting the door on the design being changed as those decisions are not mine to make, this is simply me clarifying the current situation after having determined what the issue you were experiencing was)

Spatz set-up - User was asking about an Attack Speed bonus he should be getting as a Thief Acrobat not appearing on the Char Sheet

Ah, should have been clearer - this is stuff like VFK’s stacking attack speed to daggers, or the tier 5 attack speed to crossbows in mechanic. If they specify a weapon, it doesn’t appear.

Quote Originally Posted by Shadow_Jumper ==================

Suffering, the Half of Whole has a property that has it reduce monster PRR/MRR by 10
Assassin enhancement ability Weakening Strikes has an ability that reduces monster MP by (10 + Rogue Level/2)

My question that I have been asking around to people that know a lot more about numbers than me recently, is that since PRR/MRR/MP is generally a newer form of damage mitigation/increase (Update 23 Epic Orchard), how many monsters actually have PRR/MRR/MP?

So far the only answer I’ve received was from a friend that informed me that the PRR/MRR reduction only works on the 4 rednamed bosses in Shroud and nowhere else. Aside from the LShroud bosses and the threads I’ve seen about monsters with PRR seems to be limited to LShroud and LShroud flag. I cannot find anything about monster MP.

Can a dev explain more about how many mobs/bosses these abilities affect?
End Quote==============

All of the properties listed are able to go into the negatives. Going from 0 to -10 PRR provides the same difference in damage against the target as going from 10 PRR to 0 PRR. The same is true of MRR and Melee Power/Ranged Power.

So! Even though a large portion of monsters do not innately have positive values of those stats, effects that debuff still help to defeat them.

Thanks Spatz for keeping up on this stuff. I always jump here first if I see a new post.