Direct Links for Adventures and Achievements

Work in Progress


Dulfy/Star Wars

Old Republic Community

On the far right is the schedule for the events and conquests coming up. Dulfy’s calendars stopped working, so I use this one now.

TOR Fashions by Dulfy

This has pictures of the various costumes, weapons, and decorations in the game and cartel packs. It also has linked similarity sound files for weapons.

Pets, Mounts, and Companions

Long sequence of questing, probably multiple sessions of people hunting for it.

Tauntlet Pet

Hidden Companion achievements from Fallen Empire

Orokeet and Orosquab pet guides

GSI speeder guide

Desler Explorer mount

Tauntaun mount guide…-mounts-guide/

MCR-99 (droids befrore shroud, gives mcr-100 droid companion)

Nerf calf pet


Gree Event

Rakghoul event

Bounty Hunter Henchman guide…-bounty-guide/

Bounty Hunter Kingpin guide

Life day 2015 guide

2016 Life Day and 5th Anniversary

2017 Nightlife Event until August 2017

Cantina Crawl Secret Achievement


Galactic Loremaster


Greet Overwatch Security title guide

Loremaster of Oricon…-oricon-guide/

Rishi Stronghold Secret Achievements (Horrible Person and Persistent titles)


Ancient Threat World Boss 16man for Yavin

Dreadtooth and the Dreadful Entity
Leader must have the Dreadful amulet, all members of the 16 man raid must be wearing the Dread Guard’s Corrupted Mask.

Oricon guide

HK55 and Blizz recruitment guide for KotFE

World Bosses location guide

Monsters of Makeb

Oricon spawn - Harbringer of Fear

Rishi datacron and secret achievment guide

Star Fortresses guide

Uprisings guide

Iokath Story and Dailies guide

Story Guides

KoTFE guides

KoTET guides

Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint guide

A Traitor Among the Chiss Flashpoint guide

Nathema Conspiracy Flashpoint guide