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As many of you know, our time with Mumble is soon expected to come to an end. Discord has been available as a text & voice option, and will be our voice communication platform once Mumble is gone. To help celebrate our final farewell to Mumble, (or mourn, depending on your opinion on the matter), we’re holding a Discord Emoji contest! :star_struck:

Take a look at what’s available on Discord, then post your suggestions here for what you think we’re missing! Easy as that! At this time, emojis cannot be animated. We can add static emojis only. :genie:

For the next 30 days, this thread will remain open for submissions. Once the time is up and this topic is locked, the top 10 will be chosen and added to our Discord emoji list. Let’s make Discord a little more ours. :alarm_clock:

Winners will be chosen based on a combination of leadership and member voting. Stay tuned for more information on voting when the contest nears close. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to :heart: your favorites and make them stand out!

Fine print: Submissions that violate OTG policy will be removed. Please ensure your submissions are free to use, or otherwise not owned by another party. :scroll:


Just to be clear, Discord allows us to upload png images to use as emoji. The only limits (technical) are that they should be at least 32x32 pixels (they suggest larger, as they are scaled down). If you want them to look nice, the background should also be transparent.

And you should include a name for use as the :name: part too, although I’m sure the staff may pick a better one if they want to. :slight_smile:

I figured I’d mention this, so people won’t think they have to only look for magic “discord emoji”

So, for example, I’ll suggest :kitsune:

and this looks like:


I want all of them but if I have to choose just one:


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Must have fish slaps !!!

Post a fish slap emoji then!

How about a nice tasty :muffin: ?

Can we get a “Rules” emoji? Either the one from the old forums or an update?

Just shut up and take my money! :takemymoney:

Here’s one i did when i saw this post :slight_smile:

Super OTG Man
Updated with alternate colors

Here’s a video of me drawing it, The original not the updated.

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Gotta have a Deer emoji since all I talk about is deer and elk and my nickname in most games is ElkinRut

Oh and FacePalm (Edit: Found a better one)


We’re almost out of time! I KNOW we could use more than this!

(yeah, that one)

Maybe tattoo OTG symbol where it’s peaking out from underneath Picard’s sleeve. We could even make him an honorary member. :grin:

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Here’s one you can use