Discord overlay question

Have any of you found a compact way to display Discord overlay? Right now my overlay is this massive ugly beast that becomes unmanageable with large number of people in channel and obscures the UI. Is there an easy way to disable the overlay, and if not, is there a way to make it more compact?

There is an “Overlay” section in User Settings. I haven’t messed around with it as I don’t use the overlay at all, but it has several options that may help.

You can make it smaller than the original, but only marginally. You can select in two places that say only when speaking. That only shows the people that are actually talking at the time, thus not eating up the whole ui. Both of these settings are in user settings, overlay.

the overlay does not work as intended with WoW and is a known bug. no idea when they are planning to fix it.

So are you saying that list of 10+ users who are not speaking is eliminated when you run in this mode?

They aren’t eliminated. You just don’t see them on the overlay unless they are actually talking. They are still visible on Discord.