Do you like to fish while watching Netflix? Splash sound too quiet?

If you think the fishing splash sound is too quiet, it’s easy to change it! This is NOT against the ToS!

The following file will make it a “glass ping” sound:

Make a folder and subfolder in your WoW directory, the one where your wow.exe file is:


Download the .wav version of the sound above (or find another one at that site you like better) and place it in the directory.

Make 3 copies of it and rename them:


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Or just install the fishing addon which will put all other sounds to 0 and max the sound on the fishing bobber effect :slight_smile:

Plus has lots of other nice features! Like double click cast, autoloot, etc.

I don’t like the splashy sound though - it doesn’t get my attention like a “ping”! :bell: The addon will still work, but now use MY ping sound!

Fishing buddy has enhanced sounds. Outstanding fishing addon…

Well, there might be another sound in the game that’s driving you batty! This works for them, too!

Look through this txt file to find the sound ( use your browser find and search for .ogg to find about where they start ) and then make the appropriate file directory as necessary and replace the sound with something you like! If you want to totally mute that sound, make an empty text file and put the .ogg suffix on it!

Here’s that annoying train, for example: sound/doodad/toytrain_01.wav, sound/doodad/toytrain_01.ogg

If you have a mic, you could grab a sound editing program and just make your own sound files…

“FISH! Oh my god, FISH! Click it! Click it! FIIIIIIISH!”


There might be a ‘market’ for replacing WoW sounds with spoken words.

We should get Cristopher Walken to put some lines in “You bobber has gone sploosh.”


The better option is to set up your kid to fish while you watch Netflix. My kids loved it when they were 2.

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Ah yes. The only reason Eve players ever got children in the first place :smiley:

Or Liam Neeson: ‘Click on the bobber or I will hunt you down, I will find you, and I will kill you’.