Does it get better?

So far not impressed by the new content. The first 3 episodes is exactly like the revamped start questline of the normal story timeline set in the discovery universe which quickly sapped my desire to continue. So my question to those that got past the first 3, does it get better? Or is it just a rehash of the same questline of the original story? If so I will have to find the motivation to cotinue.

I think I just started the third mission last night so not sure but I love Tilly so much I don’t care as long as she is on screen. :heart_eyes:

So far exactly the same and here is the worst part SPOILER

you don’t get to keep Tilly. Guess it falls in line with the discovery TV show but this is an alternate timeline meh. Thought she would play an important part of the arc like Tovan for the Romulans but well meh.

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That was definitely the worst part. Broke my heart when she said goodbye.

Captain Killy is a babe. Sniff

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Thoroughly unimpressed here. First 3 were from the revamped start of the fed side last one was ripped from the timeline arc, I am having flashbacks of episode 7 here.

I keep reading on the official forum that they are going to add a lot more content gradually rather than a massive story arc all at once like a full expansion would. I don’t know how that is going to work out thought.

I just wish they had left the Mission Journal alone. I just returned a little over a month ago after being a founder but never really giving the game a chance, so everything is literally new to me right now and am still learning roles and such.

Since I loved Discovery, I was excited for the new content. Now, since they “streamlined” the journal, I have no clue what to do. All I get is prompts to do the Fleet operations, not the actual quests/episodes.

I didn’t finish the new missions yet but just followed that so dunno about the Journal yet. Now I am scared! :open_mouth:

On the lower left side of your minimap there is a box with the fed logo on it click it then hit the episode tab. It will have the chronological order in which to do the quests for all the arcs based on the faction of your character. You can also opt to skip episodes though major story quests will block you from skipping. I say skipping because I have seen all the episodes from 3 perspectives and they are all pretty much the same so I move to the quests which give the items for my builds.

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You are a god among m… er… Old Timers. :wink:

Thanks! Was right in my face the whole time.

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