Edge browser support

I noticed sometime yesterday that the new forums stopped displaying in the Edge browser. It did work when I came here yesterday morning then stopped working later in the day and continues not to work today. All the site does is display that gray background. It works fine in Firefox and is how I am posting this topic. I cleared the cache in the Edge browser but that didn’t help. Anyone else using the Edge browser and having the same problem?

What theme are you using? I tested and am not having any issues with the Edge browser.

The only theme choices I have are light and dark. I am using light.

Going to run a couple tests, you see yourself get logged out.

When you logged me out I was able to see the site in the Edge browser. As soon as I logged in it disappeared again.

Ok let me keep digging around. When I impersonated your user I was able to log in, change themes and view the site without error.

Interesting enough, the site is working for me in the Edge browser this morning. I did absolutely nothing except sleep my computer. Did something change or was I just lucky?

I think your browser is possessed. I still have not been able to find any specific issues with Edge and Discourse. It is possible that you had something Edge was pulling as cache data that expired.