ElvUI guide

Found this comprehensive ElvUI guide at Icy Veins. Takes you from how to set it up at the very basic level, all the way through options.

This Wowhead guide is pretty useful.

The Wowhead guide had way more depth and screenshots of all tabs, so if you are not in game and you want to monkey around in it, you can there. I made this to do list, which may or may not be useful for you guys, while I was reading it


  • can uncheck tutorials here
  • toggle anchors, sticky frames cause them to cling


  • vendor grays
  • auto repair
  • turn on raid control
  • change font size and type here w/ apply to all
  • Objective frame is the quest frame, can adjust size here


  • can change rows and columns here
  • can turn on item level
  • can show coins and pulldown with currency options
  • can sort inverted so it packs to bottom
  • can set up some items to be ignored with sorting


  • can add audible alerts here

Cooldown Text

  • can get cooldowns outside of action bars configured here


  • hide all minimap buttons
  • can add buttons for order hall and garrison?


  • default drag button is shift


  • currency tab display diferent currencies
  • can get extra data text bars
  • Left, right chat panels, minimap all have bars beneath them for


  • Right chat = system, time, gold
  • Left chat = spec/loot, dur, order hall
  • Minimap = guild, friends
  • get the addon for additional data text bars


  • turn on elite icon
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something of note guys, if you use addons like bartender 4 or implied target with elvui the vehicle bar will never work.

Not sure why anyone would use Bartender with ElvUI. The action bars from ElvUI are fine. I would not load Bartender and free up memory and reduce load time.