Emoji Post

Had to get the Emoji badge!! :grin::smiling_imp:

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I’m sure @Cefwyn will approve.

Hmm how do you do a mention? Need another badge.

Nevermind was just slow.

Let the badge collection competition begin!

@Cefwyn you need help

Ahhh, the poop monster!!

looool did you just call me the poop monster??? XD

Lol! No I called your crabs, uh I mean your crab monster thingy a poop monster.

oh dont mind him, he is just having a bit of fun with his coconut…


I am pretty sure the Reader badge is broken. I have read every reply in the registration thread:
On both mobile and desktop and clicked the ellipsis on each post, and I have not received it. :disappointed:

I wonder if I get a badge even though I’m not officially a member… yet :crossed_fingers:

Edited to add: Holy smokes, I do!

Shameless reply by email to get the reply by email badge.

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BADGE! Someone say BADGE?:two_hearts: