Entrepreneur Pack


I have to admit, this is a decent package at current ship prices for anyone who doesn’t want combat ships.

$600 USD (Save $35 off stand-alone prices)
c/w Squadron 42, Star Citizen, VFG Industrial Hangar, $20,000 UEC, Lifetime Insurance

  • MISC Prospector (Mining)
  • Aegis Vulcan (Repair/Refuel)
  • Drake Vulture (Salvage)
  • MISC Hull B (Cargo)
  • RSI Ursa Rover (Ground)

Hmm, that one is tempting. I have concerns about my large multi-crew ships and making a living early on.

600 dollars is reasonable? Heh. I might have a different idea about reasonable :smiley:

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Let alone there is no ship in that pack that can carry the Rover that comes in it!

I was JUST thinking the same thing.

I wonder who designs their packages.
Do they even know what game it is for?

Most of the packs we see from them are so weird and pointless.

I still say a build your own pack, with a scaling discount for the more you spend is a way better option.

I wish this pack had something instead of the Vulcan. Nothing against the Vulcan, but I feel like this pack would be better off with a smaller sized exploration ship.

I agree with you ProfX, I am starting to rethink what ships I have right now because I feel like I have too many large ships to start with. I might move to smaller ships and then I can look forward to earning the bigger ships ingame. Only problem for me right now is if I melt some of my bigger ships I am gonna take a loss on trade in due to how I have changed my packages around in the last few years. Decisions decisions…