Eternal Con - William Shatner - What to Wear...?

Going to Eternal Con in Nassau Cty, New York. I’m going to meeting William Shatner. Now, what the heck do I say to him and what should I wear for the picture!!! Maybe something about his horseback riding. I used to British Dressage until the hip replacements…

Any ideas…?

I met Mr. Doohan several decades ago and wore my denim jacket with denim jeans. It looked good at the time. Go ahead and guess the decade. :stuck_out_tongue: What the heck do I wear to meet Mr. Shatner? I’m not into Cosplay so a SF Uniform is out.

Watch some “Better Late Than Never” to get some more background. Wear something comfy that makes you feel confident! Don’t smell bad… :poop:
He’ll forget you in five minutes anyway he’s 87 now! :rofl:

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