Exec Producer at GenCon on 64-bit client

Read the whole interview at MMO Central: http://www.mmo-central.com/2018/08/07/gencon-2018-interview-lotros-executive-producer-rob-severlin-ciccolini/

MMOC: One more question? Okay. One of the other hot topics, since we have so much engineering work going on, has there been any progress on the 64-bit client?
Ciccolini: Yes! Finally, we’re past the back-end work that we had to do which took longer than we thought, and our main engineer, our deep-down engineer is finally back to working on 64-bit.

MMOC: Yay!

Ciccolini: So we’re going on that, we’re slowly working through that. Right now, I think we’re compiling the physics engine in 64-bit, it’s the big hot topic they’re all working on now.

Snook: Yeah, I think I saw an email about that yesterday or today.

Ciccolini: So we’re finally back on that, thank goodness, because we’re all eager to have a 64-bit client.[/quote]

Thanks for the link.
I know someone always makes sure to ask Cord about this on his Cord of the Rings stream lol.

I really feel for the guy with that job. It’s such a PITA to hunt down all the places unwise assumptions were made. Well, at least it is in C/C++.

One wonders what language(s) was used back in the years that Acheron’s Call was developed – nominally the early 2000s - given that the code was developed in a 100% Microsoft environment. The AC engine being the basis for the LOTRO engine. Plus Turbine back in those days was a bunch of wet-behind-the-ears Brown students and recent graduates. Plus the fact that most game companies bought many of their component parts, the Physics Engine being one of the major components usually acquired rather than developed.

Anything is possible, but I think there’s a decent chance the server-side code is C++.

It remains pretty alive and well to this day for large scale back-end applications because it performs better than most of the more modern languages. Considering I was fretting about it being an obsolete skill set 25 years ago, it amuses me to no end.

GREAT NEWS! Maybe in another 5 years we’ll realize it! YEAHOO!