Extra line on modem

Went to VOIP a few months ago and have a WiFi, modem,router. But only has access for 4. Have it set up One for VOIP, 3 for desktops. But I need a 5th for my dish TV so I can watch Netflix and other online things. My question is can I just split a line (connect two lines to one outlet) or do I need a new router/modem with 5 outlets?

cheapest option would be to get a switch, a decent one would cost you around $15 - $20 with 8 ports on it , one goes to your modem/router and then gives you 7 ports free, you will need to plug one of the cables in your router to the switch to make room for the cable that feeds the switch but no extra set up needed

Here is One of my Favorite

Like @Alphea said above. Just wire one of the ports on each together and it will handle the rest.

Some switches might require you to put the cable from your modem in the #1 port.

The other option is to actually buy a real router, and set your modem to bridge mode, because 99% of the time, the modem/router/wifi combos that US ISPs foist on you really really suck.

But that’s going to require a lot more research :slight_smile: So if you’re happy with your current setup and just want to add some extra ports: Get a switch :slight_smile: