with PA4 Live now and Alpha likely coming Q1 next year I’m wondering if we’ve picked a faction at all?

Heya @memorydump,

Nope, we haven’t chosen a faction yet. The good news is that we might not need to.

Looking at thecurrent FAQ, it seems that:

  • Some races (ex. humans) are good and some (ex. Skar) are evil

  • Your initial race choice will impact the faction standing you have with other groups, so it would be painful for an “evil” character to try to enter a “good” city.

  • BUT, faction and alignment can be changed through in-game actions

Also, these choices do not impact your ability to group with (and we assume guild with) other characters. You just may not be able to visit your guildmate’s home city. :slight_smile:

If VR further develops the system and we’ll be forced to make a choice (Alliance vs Horde-style), then we would likely run a poll and make a decision that way – or look into the possibility of setting up separate chapters for each side. As it stands, it looks like we should be able to get by with a single, consolidated guild.

They have given no indication of their being any faction separation on the PvE servers (PvP and RP might be a different story only time will tell), and I don’t think there will be as far as guild or groups are concerned. Considering the game is a spiritual successor to EQ/Vanguard and those games didn’t have a faction division I would say it is a safe bet there won’t be a faction divide.