Fallout 76 PC Beta starts Oct30th

The beta starts Oct 30th . I imagine I will not be on until Oct 31, Wed after the download and possible launcher or client issues. Anyone else planning to be on at or around launch? The first place im heading to is the Fallout76 Discord channel. Hope to see some people there !

The servers might not be up on the 31st. It is a very limited beta.

Trustee and several other members of Shadow Group will be playing the game and looking forward to it.

I’m hoping to get a download link a day or two beforehand to pre-load. I will be playing as soon as humanly possible after servers go live; I’ve had my pre-order torturing me since August 8th.

Do we know how the servers will work yet? Sorry if I missed it someplace. Hoping to join the one with other OTG members in case we wanna group up sometime.

You will not be able to pre-load the game. Check the question “What is the download size for the B.E.T.A.? Can I pre-load it?” from the link below. There is a bunch of information about the beta there.

au contraire.

Preloading available for xBox 1

I assumed that they would allow downloads within a reasonable time in advance of BETA kick-off because the file sizes these days are just too large for most people to download and be able to play right away. Good to see that they are.

And they have announced pre-loading available today. I am at this moment.

Downloading it now. Looks like it will be fun

Downloading on ps4. It feels like i’m dling at 36k

Downloaded (PC version) today!

Hope to play a few hours Tuesday.


I’ll attempt to log in on the 30th - should be some fun to be had

I plan on connecting as soon as it starts.

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I’ll be sitting here watching the clock count down to 6 pm (my time is the only real time of course) but may or may not spend the first hour in char creation.

I teach tonight so I will be late to the party and hopefully will find time online before it closes.

I’ll be on at 7 p.m. - the REAL real time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - and looking forward to character creation., but…IIRC we are able to change appearance later in the game.


Something is going on with PC pre-loads. I and two friends are having to re-download the game. And the servers are slammed because of the issue so it will be finished in a little over 10 hours.

Same thing here. Wish I knew that was coming…

I logged into the launcher approx 6:30, “just to see”, and the download began. Glad I did but WTH?

7:15 and I’m not yet halfway there.

OK, I was here before 4pm but have been “unlocking” (downloading an update?) for 30 minutes now…

Ten minutes to go. Better get snacks and…



Yeah, and it keeps getting slower. I was getting 4.4MB/ sec earlier, but now it is all the way down to 635KB and dropping. This sure is not a Steam server. I get a solid 8.9 MB / sec every time I download from Steam.