Fantasy Grounds Thread

Fantasy Grounds is a RPG table platform that allows for easy online play. It’s available standalone or through Steam. I find Steam is handy both for helping each other out and making for easy purchase.


OTG members feel free to post up for things to add to this post.

What do you need to DM/GM on Fantasy Grounds:

D&D 5th Edition

  • I highly recommend an Ultimate License. Anyone can play with you, and it has several other perks.
  • As well, you should set aside money for steam sales in order to pick up the monster manual, the PHB, and the DM’s Guide. With these, you can do anything yourself - much like owning those three books.
  • Xanathar’s Guide to Everything is handy, but mostly for players.
  • Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide is currently the best Forgotten Realms lorebook. I recommend getting it in real life, but its features are also helpful in FG.

Other Games:


FGCon - an online convention where people play games:

D&D 5th Edition effects list (Things the books tend not to hook up for you):

Interesting Official Modules:

Harried in Hillsfar (free, Adventurers’ League adventure)
Unearthed Arcana (free, Regularly updated since 2018, new classes/options)

Interesting Unofficial Modules:

2nd Edition AD&D Project