Farwell to Mumble

Farewell Mumble you will be missed

I don’t use any social media programmes and include discord in that category so farewell voice coms in OTG for me

If a program is free it’s your data they make money from

searched for mumble and ended up here dammit could someone move this from Wow for me

Done… :hushed:

This might be a good read for you then: https://www.feedough.com/how-does-discord-make-money-discord-business-model/


Funny the first thing that happens when I go to that site is a popup asking me to give THEM info :wink:

You’re browsing the internet without a javascript blocker? You’re a brave brave woman.


I usually only hear that in reference to being married to @Thisnthat :hushed:



Javascript wouldn’t dare

I must’ve been asleep when javascript became a bad thing. Is it a “JS can let anyone take over your computer” type of thing? Should I tell my browser to never run JS?

Actually, I tried that and it changed the forums so that I couldn’t post this question, so I had to add the forums as an exception. Is that what you guys do? I use chrome on a pc.

Javascript has always been a bad thing. Just like Google Analytics has always been a bad thing.

From the very first introduction of JS and the resulting popup window spam, I’ve had it blocked by default, with only certain specific websites in my whitelist.

It has its uses, for sure, but the amount of websites not working without JS for no reason at all, except for ‘we want to track you’ and ‘we NEED the pretty menus’ is stupid.

But trackers, cross site scripters, browser history hijackers, home menu replacements, search bar replacements, etc are all javascript, and all used by various websites.

Edit: Since there are very few websites I visit that need Javascript, and the ones that absolutely require it go on my do-not-visit list 90% of the time, just blocking it all by default works just fine for me.

this website gives you the information to let you make up your own mind , not necessary to follow their advice but at least be informed about the choices

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The voice \ text chat is a loss-leader for discord. They really want you on their platform so they can sell games & compete with steam.

Yep. And of course they want you to sign up for their ‘Nitro’ subscription, so you can use more emoticons.

If you can’t type out a response but just put an emoticon why do you need to respond at all. Emoticons just tell me you cant really be bothered.