Fate/Grand Order

Anyone playing this? I kinda liked the anime so I thought what the heck but the story is pretty interesting (to me, at least…there’s a fair amount of reading early on). The game seems better than I thought and from reading reviews it isn’t automatic pay to win. They say some of the lower level characters are pretty good. I haven’t really got a handle on everything yet but since I haven’t thrown the tablet across the room I must be enjoying it.
Rance here for a friend name if you need it.

Hello! You’re welcome to friend me. I’ve got my profile for the game here, which includes my user ID, which you’ll need so you can look me up in the game.


Thanks! I will do that. Still trying to figure everything out so some help down the line will be nice :slight_smile:


Ask and you shall receive, @Rance.

  • Keeping in mind it’s a Gacha-style game, save back your Saint Quartz and summon tickets.
  • Use your 3x Command Seal spell to revive your team rather than using a Saint Quartz when you can.
  • Look at the Fandom and Gamepress sites for the game. The former is a good place to read up on current holiday events and campaign battles. The latter is good for tips on leveling your servants’ skills and choosing Craft Essences for them.
  • If you decide you want a limited-time servant, research. If the servant you want is part of an event’s main quest line, my experience has been you need to be up to about lvl 40 to complete the event’s main quest line, usually. If it’s only going to be available as a summon, and you’re just starting out, my advice is to wait at least a year and build up your Saint Quartz and Summon Ticket reserves so when the event comes around, you can spam-summon for the one you want, bearing in mind the odds of summoning in any one try are astronomically slim.
  • Mana Prisms can be gotten for completing daily quests. Once a month, you can turn in 100 for 5 summon tickets or 1,000 for CE that will give a boost to one of the more obscure stats.
  • Don’t forget you’re playing the game to have fun. :smile:


Jeez, you sound like me. If it isn’t fun…I’m gone. There are too many games out there! But thanks for the tips, I’m having a good time so far for being pretty clueless. I’ll check the sites out you recommended :smiley:

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