yes thats right … im the first space nerd to post in this forum!


Well that seems to have earned you a title. :nerd_face:

hah nice!

extra nerdy!

So, how are we supposed to actually use this?

its just like the current eve online forums… oh right… what’s weird is that this board is probably intended for chapter members only but i being an otg member and non-chapter member can read and post here. you may want to look into that.

edit on the same note, i can read posts while being logged off.

Were you at the X47 fight?

yeah i was there ;p

edit or rather which timer? i was on standby for shield and hull but on grid for armor.

Holy cow its a Scoot

Wow, an @scoot and an @Creedo , @gaufres, AND an @revzman!!! Neato! Where you guys mining ;D

That you know of…but yeah, you are a Space Nerd :joy:

Im part of TSSOC, TEST. minig rocks in Eso and shooting most of new around catch, Tenerifis, immensea etc

been having fun kicing NCPL and friends asses

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old people don’t like change… New fangled forum thingy :face_vomiting:


Space nerds UNITE!! :space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader:


Is eve dead yet?

Are you back playing EVE?

What’s EVE? Does that need a HOTAS or some kind of flying skeelz?
Is that EVEn relevant, bro?

Want to buy my stuffz? My last sub expired last week. I finally won.

Then you wont need the isk… send it all to Cookem, I’ll make sure it get distributed evenly among my poor alts…