Fleet Structure and Information

Fleet Structure and Information

The Basics
As part of the Old Timers Guild, all members are reminded that they must conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for a Starfleet Officer, or an honorable Klingon Warrior (OTG Code of Conduct; Statement of Community; Alpha, Beta Testing NDA Policy).

In-game invites are available by posting in this forum: General Games In-Game Invites
Use the sticky in the forum as a guide to make your post.

Once in the fleet, members need to put their forum handle in the “Member Comments” field of the in-game roster.

For socializing between the UFP and KDF sides, we have a chat channel called “OTGSTO”. Conversations usually take place there rather than in Fleet.

The ranks are as following:

Rank UFP Title Klingon Empire Title Notes
1 Star Fleet Academy Bekk OTG Guild Recruits
2 M.A.C.O. Warrior OTG Guild Trainee
3 Section 31 Brigadier General OTG Full Members
4 Recruitment Officer Major General Non-staff recruiters
5 Director of Station Operations Lieutenant General Non-staff members permitted to manage Fleet Holdings projects
6 Senior Admiral’s Staff General OTG Chapter Staff
7 Fleet Admiral Chancellor STO Chapter Leader and Admin Team members

Fleet Bank
Members are encouraged to donate items into the Fleet Bank that other Members may find useful. All full members (rank Section 31 in game) should feel free to take any number of items from the Fleet Bank for their own use. Recruits (less than 30 days in OTG) may not withdraw anything; Guild Trainees (more than 30 days in OTG but still light blue on the forums) can withdraw up to two items per tab per day.

From time to time, a member of staff will go through the Fleet Bank and recycle items that do not meet a minimum standard. The Energy Credits gained this way will be added to the Fleet EC balance.

Energy Credits deposited into the Fleet Bank will go towards the purchase of commodities and similar items that are needed for Fleet Projects. Additionally, full OTG members can withdraw 100,000EC a day to help purchase items for Starbase projects; Trainees may withdraw 50,000EC.

Fleet Holdings
Gunner Station (UFP) and matHa’yah (KDF, roughly “Gunner Station”) are named for the late Gunner, who led the STO Chapter from October 2011 until his untimely death in February 2012. More details on how you can help advance these holdings and our Romulan embassies can be found in the sticky thread Starbase Status.

Organized Play
At present we have no organized events planned, or any regular groups for STFs, PvP, and so on. If there is interest, such can be put together. Members are also encouraged to group with each other on an ad-hoc basis!

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