Fo76 Scavenger Hunt Teams

Teams will be confirmed, and registration paid on Sunday at the event. If you want to go team free (lone wanderer) you are more than welcome to be your own team!

At the gathering I will release the item list (via google doc - added to this post). Each item on the list is worth 1 of 30 points. The most points win. Ties to be broken by a surprise extra item, with a 2 hour time limit.

Each team, needs a team lead, who will:

  1. pass me the registration fee (at the gathering)
  2. give me your team names, and post the names of people on your team on this Fo76 Scavenger Hunt Teams forum post (this post).
  3. be responsible for updating the google doc item list as you find stuff.
  4. posting “Done” on the Scavenger Hunt Teams forum post . - Acting as a time stamp.
  5. showing me the list of items. We don’t need to actually trade the items, just put them in a trade window.