Game crashes or locking

Seems everytime I go into a dungeon or another instance, the game freezes and most of the time disconnects me.

Anyone else?

Could be an addon? try without any addons to see…

Also clear the wow cache… How too

And delete all files in the Cache folder within your wow directory. Default install location —> C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Cache

Could update your computers drivers as well…

Hope this helps

Some people blame the new voice chat implementation, since that seems to be the common factor for a lot of them. That these issues started when the in-game voice chat was introduced.

I’ve disabled voice chat completely by creating a parental controls profile, and setting that to ‘no voice’.

Although in my case it wasn’t because of performance issues per se, but the fact that WoW kicks off a process for it, and keeps sending me messages in game constantly, for something that I will never use.

Didn’t appear to be add-ons but the voice system.
Disabled seems to have fixed it for me too. Thanks :slight_smile:

Glad its working !